My journey began as a makeup artist

My journey as a makeup artist began a few months ago. I was not an expert of makeup as I was more like “tomboy”😜. Everything began the day I started university and got interest about beauty. Every woman go through a step of her life where she needs to be validated and this was me. Surrounded by my classmates, I learnt a lot about makeup and skin care. Trust me, it takes a while to get it. Of course, my confidence regains. Recently this year 2016, I got interested to another area which is makeup. I took a course online and within a month, I was officially a makeup artist. I wanted to do this course in terms of my business and act professionally. Many will say to you “I am a makeup artist” but do you know the basic of beauty, only few will know. This is why I am able to advice someone based on your skin type, makeup set and many more. Being a makeup artist does not stop there, you need constant information updates which help you to grow. Now I can say I am very passionate about it even an addict of itπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’‹.

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