Why I love makeup?

Some people collect stamps, I collect lipsticks‘ –that’s what I say to people when they furrow their brow and struggle to understand my love for all things cosmetics. On the surface, my amazement and passion for the world of makeup is a hobby. It’s something I love to soak up knowledge about, watch YouTube videos on, purchase things from and it’s an activity that from all aspectts gives me joy.I’ve discovered a whole new world of makeup out there that most definitely doesn’t fit the bill of a natural look, but is beautiful in its own way. I find myself tempted to purchase glitter for the first time in my life and getting more experimental with colours on my eyes. IT’S FUN, a world that you never stop learning in and that’s why I love makeup. – it’s a passion, a hobby, a collectors topic for some, a creative outlet for others. If something makes you happy and it’s not hurting anyone else, then keep doing it.

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