Are you a student?

Hello everyone,

Does anyone is a student or returning back to school? If it is the case welcome to my world. I am currently doing my MSc for a year and it is a very though challenge📚📰🖥. As start, I thought it will be easy as my BSc but it is completely the opposite, 80% of the work is from you and the rest is the lecturer’s teaching. If you are juggling between personal life, work and school, it is primordial you have an organisation skills🗓🗂. Despite all my busy schedule, I always manage to submit my assignments on time. How do I do that?

Well being a Master student, it is time-consuming and most important stay healthy. Yes I said “stay healthy” because sometimes you may forget yourself. You need enough sleep😴, eat well🥗 and as well socialise🗯. It is good to study but your brain needs to refresh which you need to consider that.

Out of school life, I work and involve myself different activities like church, gym and other stuffs. It has helped to make a balance between school and my personal life. I am not perfect but I do organise myself.

Remember if you feel sometimes give in, always remind yourself why are you do it? Your answer should involve yourself because you are the key motor of your destiny. When I was a child, I never like school but as I have grown I have come to understand the meaning of education. Trust me, being educated is a lot of opportunity opening for you. Some of us do not realise the opportunity we have while others cannot afford. Always enjoy what you do while you are alive.

Another tips, surround yourself with positive people who will uplift you which is essential in a student’s life.

Feel free to share your experience as a student and tips that may help others.

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