Blogmas: JOY

Since we are in the season of Christmas, this is my first blogmas. During Christmas season, some of us do not know where to celebrate. I choose the topic “JOY” because we should be joyful this month of December. I know everything may not be the way you want but be grateful and joyful.

Joy is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness. This means joy is linked to happiness. What makes you happy? What generates your joy? When last have you been joyful? Sometimes it can be short moment but I think it should be constant joy in you no matter what your circumstances, you should be grateful. As we are approaching the end of 2016, be grateful you are alive, in good health, have a shelter, have a family, have a job etc….

Few ideas to be joyful

-talking to yourself positively

smile everyday even if you do not feel like it

-do something charitable

-visit someone that you havent seen for a while or give a call to your loved ones

-take care of yourself

-do something you never done before like travelling

-watch Christmas movies

-do ice skating lol it is compulsorybut im planning to do it

-socialise around meaning come out of your comfort zone

-spent time with your kids

-eat heathly

-spread joy to someone you are not familiar with

-give to those who are needed

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