Choker: Fashion trend

Chokers are one of the best micro trends to come out of the nineties revival and can take any outfit from meh to marvellous in seconds. Low maintenance and stylish as hell? We can get on board with that. Check out our gallery for some of the best ways to style em up. You need never leave your neck naked again!

Do you remember this one in 90s?(above) I do remember it. I used to wear on my neck or ankle. Surprisely the trend has come back in different textures and shapes.

Different texture to wear your choker

I also wear it in pearl

Choker in gold from Boohoo

In lace which I found very charming 💎

This one is the top✔. Very dominant, sensual  and seduction to wear.

Guess what you can wear choker as an outfit and ankara 

Ankara choker matching with the dress

Different choker on ankara

Velvet dress with velvet choker

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