What is in my bag? Every girls should have

We once heard a guy say that a car is like a huge purse for women. OK, that’s a little sexiest. Right, but still sexiest. There are some of us who take just as much pride in our cars as the fellas do. But really, when you’re not a mom and you don’t need all of that backseat space for a car seat—what are you supposed to do with it? Surely, you can hurl a few must-haves in that direction.

Then we thought about it. There probably wouldn’t be such a need for trashing our cars if we packed our purses up right. First up, invest in a good purse. Not a pleather bag from Target. A big pretty leather one—one that will match with a lot of things, has several compartments and will last you for a few years. Then skim down this list to make sure you 1) own all of this and 2) have it in your purse.

A woman with a well-packed purse is one who usually has a cleaner car and is ready for anything!

  • Mirror compact

A powder compact will dab up any shine and help to keep your foundation from smearing. And if it comes with a mirror, it’ll be handy for the next thing you need.

  • Lipstick 

Even the lipstick that claims it lasts for over 12 hours seems to need touch-ups if you plan on eating or drinking. And girl, nothing looks worse than lips that have color that’s worn off. Keep a tube of lipstick that goes best with your skin tone, and also lip gloss to keep you having a sultry pout.

  • Cell phone charger or power bank 

Many people overlook this one and live to regret it. You need to have a phone charger, even if you have a car charger. Preferably a portable one that you can hook up anywhere. 

    • Chewing gum or mint

     A portable toothbrush and a travel size toothpaste are the best way to keep your oral hygiene on point. But even if you opt to leave those at home, have some mints or some minty-tasting gum in your bag. It’s perfect for after a meal, or if you’re on a date that’s going good.

    • Hand cream

    Cracked hands happen to the best of us, especially after washing them. Yep, hand cream is important. Don’t leave it at home.

    • Tampon/Pads

    Even if it’s not your time of the month, have a tampon and/or bag in your purse. Periods sometimes arrive unexpectedly. Or, you might have a friend in dire need. Having one on you will make you her lifesaver. And who doesn’t want to have (and be) one of those?

    • Scarf

    Don’t you hate the days when your hair came out perfect and then, BOOM! Out of nowhere, rain, snow or worst of all, mad humidity hits you and everything flops? Head scarves and wraps are in right now, so make the most of ‘em. You can pull back all or just a piece of your hair and no one has to know that it’s because things went left midday. 

    • Cash/Bank card

    Have this item on your bag. Which ither way you never know what can happen. Along with your driver’s license, just in case of emergencies.

    • Perfume/Deodorant

    This can shock but it is a passe-partout. You always need it on your bag. After a long day, you want to refresh yourself or maybe perfume the public toilet😜😂😂.

    It’s funny how a woman can carry all this in her bag but it is essential tools you need in your life in case of emergencies.You can also add snacks, ballerina, headphones, umbrella and many more depending on what you need.

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