Beautiful, you are!!! Embrace it!!!! Don’t be ashamed of your body

If you’re reading this article, there’s a chance that you’re struggling with your own body image. Don’t feel bad about that. At all. We all do from time to time. Why? Because far too often we fall for the hype-in-the-form-of-a-lie that unless we’re a certain size or we look a particular way that we’re not beautiful.

Nothing could be further from the truth! The definition of beautiful is not that you wear a size 6 and are shaped like a Barbie doll. When you’re beautiful, you’re delightful. When you’re beautiful, you’re “pleasing to the senses” (all five of ‘em). When you’re beautiful, you’re a wonderful human being.

And that? That comes in all shapes and sizes. Beauty follows no rules. It doesn’t have to.

That’s why we want to do all that we can to get you to look at yourself in the mirror and fall in love with what you see every single day of your life. It might sound impossible, but we promise you it’s not. Put these things into practice and watch how good you’ll get at ignoring the body shamers and embracing your own flyness.

  • Stop comparing yourself


Someone once said that if two people are just alike, one of them is unnecessary. Why do you want to look like someone else when that’s a total waste of who you are? The moment you stop comparing yourself to someone else’s body type, height, weight, skin tone, hair texture or anything else—that is the moment when you’ll be able to put more attention into feeling good about yourself. And that’s a super-empowering way to live your life.

  • Don’t live online


It’s kind of hard to believe that the internet has only been accessible to the mainstream since the early ‘90s. Before then, we had television, radio and magazines but we still weren’t as bombarded with images as we are now. One study says that teens spend as much as nine hours on some form of social media every day (remember, we only have 24 and we sleep like one-third of that)! That’s a lot of time to be bombarded with other people’s views of what the beauty standard is. Social media is cool, but try not to live on it. Read a book to build up your own imagination. Exercise to stay healthy and tone. Take a bubble bath to pamper yourself. Don’t spend more time online than off of it. Living online will eventually wear down your mind, body and spirit. That’s not good.


  • Dress up

ANGE -26.jpgNo matter what size you may be, don’t spend so much trying to cover up or hide parts that you get lost in your clothes. Wear things that accentuate your shape (click here for tips on how to dress according to your body type). Experiment with your hair, make-up and shoes (find an essential oil that makes you feel pretty too). Have a ball with jewelry. A well-dressed woman stands out in a crowd, no matter what size she is. Remember that.





  • Surroud yourself with positivity


Positive quotes. Positive music. Positive people. Be all about opening yourself up to positivity. Any person who doesn’t encourage you to feel good about yourself, just as you are? They’re toxic. Set some boundaries. Any person online who tries to body shame you? Block them. That’s what the feature is for. Any time you’re tempted to be down on yourself? There are tons of quotes online that can help you to see yourself in a better light. Go to your favorite search engine and put “positive body image quotes” in the search field. Life is too short to think about all of the things you don’t like about yourself. What you have the power the change, if you want to, do. What you don’t, celebrate! It’s a part of you for a purpose and a reason. Time will reveal.

  • Have great friends


Good friends will encourage and support you. Contrary to popular belief, they won’t always tell you what you want to hear, but even their constructive criticism will not break your spirit. If you’re not feeling like you’re growing and becoming a stronger and healthier person when you’re around certain people, it’s time to find some new friends. Quick, fast and in a hurry.

  • Be the original copy of yourself

12923286_10204161647280973_885533380808343160_nDo you realize that just by the mere fact that you are “you” that you’re already an amazing individual? You’re unique and distinctive, and that automatically makes you one of the most beautiful things on this planet! See yourself as one of a kind, because you are. Then watch how much better about yourself you’ll feel. (You deserve it.)

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