Love is a choice not by force!!!

This post is more about mixed relationship. What I meant, we live in a new generation where mix cultures are together as one because of love. Love is making a choice of every single day either to love or hate. Sometimes, it might sound easy to love but sometimes it cost sacrifice to love someone. But at the end of the day it is a choice.


In this 21st century, all cultures are mix and sometimes it might not be in your comfort zone. Learn to be tolerant and learn around you. Everything you learn shape you for your tomorrow. Love is not selfish for sure.

As an Black African woman, I am experiencing that. I am in mix culture relationship. To be honest, I always knew what I wanted. Sometimes it is not all about your family or what people think but it is your choice you make. Being in a Black community, it is a taboo because of our parent and grands-parents’ generation. It is all about tradition, you cannot break from them but sometimes it kills relationship. At the end of the day,you are the one who is gonna leave with your partner. The most important in mix cultures relationship you must be selfless, understanding, tolerant, respectful and live in harmony together.


I am sure you will hear this culture cannot mix with another one but yeah HOLD UP!! Who said that? I have seen an Indian married to Black woman, White married Black woman, Chinese with White etc…… Do not make your relationship a barrier based of your cultures, of course they will up and down but if you work out together it will be simple to live in harmony.


My favourite couples are:





These couples have proven that you can live in harmony by putting aside your race and difference.Love your partner for who he/she not by getting soemthing out of him/her. Each partner should see the best in one and other, being supportive, spend times together and many more. Overall do all together.


It doesn’t matter where you are from but make sure you are happy where you are in a relationship. Your relationship should make you grow yourself if not check out yourself. Love does not hate but love is tender and sweet.


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