Love expression 

How do you express your love to someone?

I am sure many of us express it in many ways which mostly will say physical but it’s more than physical. You can love someone by the way you act around the person.

Have you heard about 5 languages of love?

Well let me tell you briefly what it is consisted of:

  1. Word of affirmation
  2. Quality time
  3. Act of service
  4. Receiving gifts
  5. Physical touch

Like I said love is not only saying “I love you”. I love expressing my love in action not only in words I believe most women will agree on that. “Talk is cheap”😂😂😂. “Action speaks louder than words”😂😂😂. Few proverbs we all say it but do we know the meaning.

  1. Word of affirmation : encourage, emphasise,listen actively. You can express it as well through a poem, love letter or many more.
  2. Quality of time: one-to-one conversation, special moments together like walk in the park or travelling somewhere you never been together 
  3. Act of service: it is similar to quality of time but it requires you extra miles like doing chores together. Where is your strength maybe your partner may not have so you can help him/her. This is called team work. It is very important to empower each other. No need to be pride of yourself because it is not about you. When it comes to love forget your selfess. If you cannot do not enter in a relationship.The little knowledge you know you can share to your partner is also learning. The most important is both of you grow each other in love. No need to compete yourself with someone else relationship. Be selfless and get involved in your partner’s hobby.
  4. Receiving gifts: Express gratitude to your partner. How do you express your love. For me I don’t need a big Ferrari to show me love. The little you do I will appreciate and this is “receiving gifts”.You don’t need to be extravagant but thoughtful and grateful for your partner. It is not on Valentine’s day that show love but it has to be constant. Just be yourself and your partner will love what you do. The most important is to focus on each other interest not only you alone.
  5. Physical touch: the famous topic😂 lol. I’m not talking about “Fifty Shades of grey” but real physic like hug, kiss, hold hands. It is non-verbal mainly body language.Make intimacy a priority to your partner. We sometimes neglect that especially when 2 partners work but it is important to create this intimacy which lead to cheating. It is important to not private your partner of sex. We women do that sometimes but I think it’s not good because you lead your man to see somewhere else. Make sure as a wife or girlfriend to make your home a peaceful environment for your man. Another post will be on the role of the wife at home.

Why is it important to know the 5 languages of love. It will enable you to know your personality and as well about your partner because we are humans and created differently. The most important is to live in harmony both of you and as well focus on each other interest for a better love. 

This was a review of 5 languages of love by Gary Chapman which I recommend it to everyone. Even you are married it is always good to work on each other interest especially in expressing your love.

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