Casual VS Office outfit

Hello guys, another post on my blog. Who doesn’t like shopping ladies?🤔😊

I am a shopaholic😃😃 lol. Last week, I just had a look around shops. I do sometimes windows shopping, there is nothing wrong to look around, just to have ideas on the lastest outfit, style or colours. I always love colours, not really a fan of black colour though you can wear it anytime and anywhere. So I selected few outfits to add on my wardrobe.

Trust me I have a lot of clothes and sometimes I do not know what to choose. Look at the pictures and tell me your opinion.

  • Olive velvet dress

  • Work office

This outfit I selected it for my job especially if you work in an office. You do not want to wear something too exhibit but simple and classy to go to work. The jacket is very comfy to wear with a black top to complete the whole outfit.



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