Best version of me

This post will be more about yourself which I title it”Best version of me”

  • Why?

In our everyday life, you always learn something new about yourself. Sometimes you forget that you are created the way you are for a reason. This reason leads you to your purpose of life. Since last year 2016, I decide to live my life accordingly to my purpose calling. Check my previous post on “5 things that no one knows about MerlineBeauty

  • How?

Like I said earlier it is a journey of decision which costs sacrifice. Being the best version of yourself  is not difficult though you can sometimes stuck in one place and do not know what to do. You get influence by others which shape your real you but is it the best version of you.

It is a constant workout of you by doing what is right for you and what makes you happy. I read my book “The Wait ” by Devon Franklin which I will do a review soon. It was eye opener for me to discover myself. I am young, healthy and full of ambitions. I am a big dreamer because it always come to pass my dream. Because I never give in on my goals but work constantly to get a result.

  • What?

What did I do to achieve my best version?

  1. Set goals every year from January to December by writing a note as a reminder
  2. Work towards it by making plan daily/weekly/monthly. This helps you to focus on your goals. Driving? Getting married? Job? Education?  Money? Holiday? Lose weight?
  3. Speak to yourself positevely. Yes it is very important because you are empowering yourself without adding negative toxin or false outsiders.
  4. I know you cannot do everything by yourself meaning be attentive on who you listen because they can be a key to your life. So don’t look down on people based on what you see in them. Listen more and talk less. I know human being doesn’t like criticism but it’s a great judgement for you to accept your weaknesses and work on it. It’s always part of the best version of yourself.
  5. Don’t be hard on yourself. It doesn’t mean it is the end of the world but accept the way you are and the right time will come for you.
  6. Learn to be a giver. It’s shocking but the key of life is giving. I’m not saying abusing someone on giving but let it be genium from your heart. Do not do something to please others but let it be from your heart.
  7. Celebrate others. We live in a selfish world for real. Sometimes it is not all about you but the people that surround you. You do not know what is going on around friends or family. I know you can be hurt by the past but do not let this hinder your best version of you. Forgiveness is a powerful weapon that we take for granted but it opens many doors in your life. I have been hurt before but trust me when you forgive you will feel better about yourself. Celebrate anyone around you either birthday, wedding, outing, visit.
  8. Take care of yourself by eating healthy and exercising.
  9. Explore new things you never done before. Sound ridiculous but it won’t harm. It may not be pleasing others but as long you are happy. You will see the end of the result.
  • Who?

You are the only master key of your life so it is only who can do it.

  • Where?

Anywhere you are able to achieve the best version of you.
Hope this post has helped you to continue forward. I would like to know your thoughts and any tips might help others.

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