Bodyshop Seaweed skincare review

I have often banged my gums about The Body Shop Seaweed range but never took the time to sit down and share my thoughts on the collection.

As I have just bought a mini travel kit I thought now would be the best time to share my thoughts so I can share shiny new bottle rather than my full size half used and abused bottles! If you have oily/combination skin I really can not recommend the range enough,

I can honestly say that if I wasn’t a beauty blogger and forever on the look out for the next best thing then this would be my to go to skin care routine.

When my skin flares up or goes through an extra oily phase then this is what I reach forand if you travel a lot and hate filling up bottles to pack in your case head to The Body Shop where you can pick up a little dinky kit full of Seaweed products for £10!


The Body Shop Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash

This is a light gel product that is soap and oil free yet effectively cleanses the face without 

stripping it of moisture yet helps to control excess oil production.

It has a light fresh aquatic scent which is to be expected from a product with Seaweed in the title,

it foams lightly but makes light work of make-up removal 


The Body Shop Seaweed Toner 

This is the one product in the range I don’t really tend to re-purchase,

it’s a nice enough toner and great for on the go but other than helping to ensure you have 

removed every scrap of make-up/dirt I don’t really find it all that effective.

It  minimises pores and control excess oil.


Seaweed Pore cleansing exfiolator

Let me just start off buy saying if you are like me above (think you know your skin but really are just mix and matching to find products), then PLEASE do yourself a favour and go into a The Body Shop store and get your skin type tested/found!

So back to this AMAZEBALLS seaweed exfoliator, it was a perfect match for my skin type – combination to oily. It smells good, it looks good, it even feels good. What’s even better is that it actually does what it is meant too – exfoliate the skin – WITHOUT completely stripping your face of its’ natural oils (if you don’t know what happens with face cleansers/exfoliators that do this then I’ll sum it up – stripping your face of oils leads to it being dry leading to excess sebum (oil) production causing to blocked pores and ultimately PIMPLES).

The texture is grainy but not rough – it has small bead-like texture. I use it twice a week; wouldn’t recommend anymore than that. I use this in conjunction with the seaweed cleanser during the week for a deeper clean ever few days. My skin is left FEELING clean, soft and glowing and NOT dry!


Mattyifing Moisturise Lotion

A light almost serum like product that gives oily skin a light dose of hydration

yet mattifies the skin and does not overwhelm it with moisture.

I love applying this before make-up application as it leaves a great matte base

and helps prevent excess oil production throughout the day.

If you need a light moisturiser that mattifies I can not recommend this enough

If you want a full review of these products, you can check out my Youtube channel

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