Essence 2in1 eyeshadow primer review😍


I always cringe whenever I see my friends apply their eyeshadow without applying a base first. Using a good eyeshadow base is absolutely crucial to me. I have very oily eyelids and if I don’t prime them, my eyeshadow is bound to crease and look disgusting by the end of the day. A skin-toned eyeshadow primer will also make the eyeshadow pop more on the eyelids and if you set it with a little bit of powder, your eyeshadow will blend a lot easier as well. So, I guess it’s safe to say I’m a big fan of eyeshadow bases and primers! Most of the eyeshadow primers I personally like are high-end and finding a good drugstore alternative that will prevent my oily eyelids from creasing isn’t easy. I used to be a big fan of Mac’s Paint Pot in ‘Painterly’, but I haven’t found a cruelty-free dupe that I really enjoy. Essence recently released a 2 in 1 Eyeshadow & Primer, which reminded me a lot of a paint pot so I had to give this one a go!

The packaging reminds me a lot of the Mac Paint Pots, which have been a cult favorite for years now and I’m really excited Essence came out with a drugstore recreation. The 2 in 1 Eyeshadow & Primer comes in a little glass jar with a white plastic cap. The front and back of the jar have a sticker on them. The front sticker has a fun design that has the same shade as the actual product. The back comes with some additional information and the shade name.


The 2 in 1 Eyeshadow & Primer comes in two different shades:

❀ Nude Beige (the one I decided to pick up)
❀ Nude RosΓ©

Nude Beige has a soft white beige tint with yellow undertones. Nude Beige isn’t super pigmented, but there’s definitely some color pay-off noticeable and you can also build it up to look more pigmented and intense.

The formula of this 2 in 1 Eyeshadow & Primer is very smooth and soft. Whenever I swirl my finger into this product I’m amazed at how buttery it feels. It’s also super easy to apply and blend onto the eyelids. I always use my fingers to apply my eyeshadow primers, I think it gives the most even effect possible and the same goes for this primer.


If I powder this primer off with some translucent or flesh-toned powder, it has amazing lasting power and I definitely notice it prolongs the wear time. Whenever I use this product, my eyeshadow doesn’t crease and it makes the colors pop even more.

Although I really enjoy this primer and it definitely prolongs the wear of my eyeshadow, I don’t feel like it’s an exact dupe for the Mac Paint Pots. The formula is a little bit dryer and it’s not as pigmented, but aside from that it does work just the same as a paint pot since it does conceal and prime my eyelids and eyeshadow wears and blends beautifully on top.

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