2017-Season of love

Happy New Month, everyone!

We love the start of a new month. It’s such a great opportunity to take a closer look at our lives, what I am happy about and what I’d like to improve or change moving forward.

As always, we’ve got healthy relationships on our minds here . I came up with a few healthy relationship resolutions to help you make 2017 your healthiest year yet!

Communicate Better

Open, honest communication is so important in a relationship, but a lot of people have difficulty communicating in healthy ways with their partners, friends, relatives or colleagues. Check out these posts to help you communicate better in 2017:

How Can We Communicate Better?

How to “Fight” Fair

Expect Respect

Mutual respect is the key to building a healthy relationship – that means respect for each other’s feelings, needs and boundaries. Expect respect and set healthy boundaries in your relationships this year. Check out these posts that you will publish this month

Respecting Your Partner’s Boundaries

What Are My Boundaries?

When Boundaries Aren’t Respected

Take Time for Self-Care

Honestly, we make this resolution every year, because self-care is so necessary. Are you making self-care a priority? Well, 2017 is your year! Focus on activities that make you feel your best, and try to carve out time each day for a little self-care (schedule it if you have to!). Need some inspiration? Few posts will come soon

What is Self-Care?

5 Personal Wellness Resolutions

What are YOUR healthy relationship resolutions for 2017? Share your thought and comment!

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