Bodyshop Seaweed Clay mask review

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Today’s post is going to be very different to that which you’re accustomed to on the blog, as I’ll be providing a review for a beauty product; the Body Shop’s Seaweed Clay Mask.

When it comes to facial skincare, specifically masks, my routine usually consist of homemade products using food ingredients, which are great for skin. The results are consistently good. Its only shortcoming is its inability to combat my prone-to-be oily t-zone, which isn’t a big issue for me. Oh yes, it can be messy too.

I am a great fan of Bodyshop I don’t know why but like looking after my skin. I’m not everyday makeup type though I like to look natural. In case you don’t know it is primarily important to look after before applying anything else on your face. So thought I’d give it a try. This product is said to be oil-balancing and deep-cleansing.  Although I was quite hesitant, because I’m a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” kinda person; a good number of the products I use are quite dated (she’s loyal, LOL). Occasionally I do feel experimental, hence why I decided to try it. Besides, it says it is oil balancing; more reason to try it.


The process of applying the mask was fine. It’s of a thick consistency, and you only need a small quantity to cover your face. It dries up in about a minute or so, so it’s not messy. I left the product on for about 10 minutes as it is recommended on the product. During the process I was having some tingling sensation which you can see crack on my face. This is the effect of the product by opening your pores. It is removable easily which leave your skin fresh and glowing.

The general outcome was okay. I definitely can attest to the fact that it minimises the oil produced. In addition to that, it leaves your face feeling soft. Really and truly, my only issue with this product is the irritable feeling. This certainly won’t be bearable if you have overly sensitive skin. Personally, I won’t use this product weekly. Maybe fortnightly.

Forgive me my blank stare, but when using this it’s preferable to keep a poker face as bursting into laughter (which happens when people make fun of you for looking like a ghost/zombie) will result in clay gunk all over the place.


  • purifies, refreshes and smoothes the skin
  • gets rid of excess oil
  • helps dry out pimples faster
  • reduces blackheads


  • stinging sensation (sensitive skin), can be too drying because of the alcohol
  • some people might get a breakout afterwards (I didn’t have any problems with this, only some redness)
  • strong chemical-like scent
  • takes a long time to wash off and it’s kind of a big mess (or is that just me?)

Conclusion: This mask works great as a detoxifying and clarifying mask for people with combination/oily skin (and those that are prone to acne). Skip it when you have sensitive skin as it will only get irritated. Only use it on areas that are (very) oily!

Glowing skin result 😇👑☄

Have you tried this product before? What are your thoughts? What other face masks would you recommend, preferably oil-balancing? Your suggestions would be helpful.

6 thoughts on “Bodyshop Seaweed Clay mask review

  1. I’ve just brought this but haven’t used it yet so this is really helpful! Will keep in mind not to use it if my skin is feeling sensitive and to make sure I have plenty of time to wash it off lol :)x

  2. I really like this mask and try to use it at least once a week! I bought a few products from the range but personally love using the mask. I apply it with a foundation brush and i find it dries quite soon after application. I do find it trying to wash off that would probably be my only criticism. I got the tingling sensation when I first started to use the mask but now it’s ok. Your skin looks absolutely amazing though, not sure if you need to use this mask! LOL

    Shannon //

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