Sunday Peach Makeup+Vixen lashes (Mandy cosmetics)

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Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Today’s post is on my Peach Makeup look and my favourite Vixen lashes from Mandycosmetics. I will do a review on these lashes and if you haven’t check out my Royal Peach palette from Kylie Cosmetics.

First of all , I don’t usually wear eyelashes but because I like being adventurous so I give a try. Mandycosmetics is a company specialising on false lashes trust me you will love their lashes.Why? The look is very sexy and glamorous, yet natural and believable at the same time. The lashes are wearable day or night as it is very light to wear it on your eyes which you can still look fabulously amazing. I was looking for natural look on my eyes and obviously by checking others wearing those lashes. I fell on it. It took 5-10 working days to come. It comes well packed and protected in a beautiful box. The owner of Mandy Cosmestics is Amanda. She is lovely lady who responds well to customers so you will be well service if you purchase their lashes. I am thinking to get another one from their website.

Guess what? The other news I have for you, 10% off on any purchase of these lashes 😎😁😁🙌🙌.  Very tempting of course so grab your fabulous lashes with my own personal code “Merline10”.


Wearing Vixen “Mandy cosmetics

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Royal Peach palette Makeup Review from Kylie Cosmetics + Vixen lashes from Mandycosmetics

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