Classic outfit in black

It has been a while I have done a post on fashion outfit. Today will be focusing on black. Who does not like to wear black? We know black fits with everything and the most easiest colour to find in any shop. For sure, black is the most wearable outfit either day or night outing. In my opinion, black is the classical colour to wear in any occasion. Wearing black covers few features that we dont wish to be seen by others. I like black though its not my favourite colour. I always use this colour as an emergency outfit for any occasion which it is primordial to have this colour in your wardrobe. All kind of black from dress, skirt, shirt, top, etc….

I love shopping to look at the lastest trend and pick what I thought will be the best classical outfit in everyday wear or night outfit.

My classic wardrobe that I selected from Peacocks. I know this shop is no longer popular as before but sometimes I think they have good stuffs you can afford and available for everyone gender.


Skirt+Lace top+Ankle boots= Peacocks

You can slay this outfit with or without coat. I love this Camel jacket which really fits for this winter season.

Black outfit


Black outfit with Camel coat

Slay this style as you want and anywhere you want


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