Don’t waste his/her time

It may sound awkward but it is the truth. I am addressing to all individuals who might plan or already hurt many men/women. Yes I said, “Dont waste his/her time”.

It is very important in a individual’s life especially in relationship to let his/her know your intention. I believe it is better to have the right foundation from the beginning of the relationship and tell your mind. It is difficult to speak your mind but sometimes I never understand why some individuals will waste some precious men/women who are worth to be a diamond. I am talking from experience.

Men, you might find her attractive but does not mean you should use for your advantage then break up with her for unreal reason. If you love her show it by your act. If you know you cannot commit yourself to on person, better off be single.


“Don’t confuse a man/woman’s patience with his/her intelligence! He/She may not say anything, he/she may not do anything, but he/she definitely notices everything. A man leaves when his pride is hurt. A woman leaves when her heart is! One day she’ll get tired of waiting for you to get your act together, so she’ll get hers together. But when she does, you’ll never see her again!”…. And that is the truth…


If she desires to be your wife, and you have no desire to be her husband, then it’s time for you to be her ex. Grown women are looking for stability not just someone to play house with… And that is the truth…


She had to accept that she just won’t stop loving you; at least not as fast as she would like to. But deciding to move on is sometimes not about falling out of love with someone. Sometimes it’s simply about falling deeper in love with yourself, and acknowledging that staying in certain situations is a betrayal to your own self… And that is the truth…

Men….. Women knows what they with us…. We too know what we want with too…. Let us combine our forces together and make things become a reality than stagnating and moving backward… And that is the truth…


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