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Although I still consider myself to be fairly new to the blogging world, I have learned a lot during the past 8 months of continuous trial and error. I have learned a lot about analytics, SEO, writing quality content, and more and thought it would be interesting to share 5 tips for new bloggers while I am still in the learning process myself.

    1. Use social media to promote your blog – Social media has been extremely beneficial in helping me build my blog. I get quite a lot of my blog traffic from Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest so I believe that your social media channels can really accentuate and enhance your blog when enough effort is put into the,.
    2. Purchase your own domain – I only recommend this if you plan on becoming serious about blogging. I bought my domain about 4 or 5 months into my blogging journey and I am so glad I did. I feel like brands take me a little more seriously now that I have my own domain and I feel more official myself.
    3. Try to learn and understand SEO – Although I am no SEO expert and still have quite a bit to learn in the SEO realm, I have learned a lot about SEO since I started…especially after switching over to self-hosted WordPress. I now focus more heavily on getting myself more present on search engines and have been able to get pretty good results over the past month. I definitely think it’s important to at least understand SEO to some extent as a blogger.
    4. Be an active participant in the blogging community – I can’t stress this one enough. You can write and promote your own posts all you want but if you’re not actively engaging with others, they’re probably not going to want to engage with you or won’t even be able to find you to engage with in the first place. Make sure to comment on others posts and promote their posts on social media and the majority of the time they will return the favor and give you exposure as well…so it’s a win win.
    5. Keep it consistent – I think consistency is extremely necessary as a blogger, especially if you want people to take you seriously. Taking long breaks can be detrimental to your blog because when you’re not updating, you’re probably not seeing much increase in your statistics and your readers will begin to forget about you after going on an extended hiatus. Sometimes things do happen to where you have to take an unexpected break from blogging but try to be as consistent as possible to keep your readers happy.

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Is there anything I missed? Do you have your own 5 tips for new bloggers? Let me know down in the comments.

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