Primark False Eyelashes review

This week, for the second time in as many months, I braced myself and ploughed headfirst into Primark. On a Friday 

I am having the pleasure to  review their lashes which I thought to have a go. To be honest Primark has improved a lot in terms of brands and quality. I was amazed of their beauty products which I will try to do review on their products. Today I selected their falses which are Volume and Sultry.

Their lashes come in three styles: natural, sultry and volume. At £1 each, I thought I’d be decadent and buy all three. To hell with the expense, right? But I onlyhave Sultry and Volume.


  • Volume

These volume lashes look a bit dubious to me. When you’re about fifteen and experimenting with lashes for the first time, you always go for the ones which look the fattest, darkest and biggest in the packaging, and normally end up looking horrendous. Where these lashes going to make me look like a high end Katie Price?

These are a hefty lash. It was a bit of struggle aligning these nicely with my lash line as the band is seriously thick and heavy duty; however, still easier than our Natural counterpart. When on, they looked a bit severe, so needed a few goes with a curling wand until they sat up with my natural lashes.

They were also slightly long for my eyes, so I’d recommend measuring and trimming beforehand. The lashes overpowered my eye makeup which was disappointing and made my eyes look smaller. My bottom lashes also seemed extremely feeble in comparison, making me look a bit startled.

A pretty mixed bag of lashes! I’d disregard the Natural ones straight away – invest in a good mascara and you’ll get that look every day. The Volume lashes felt a bit plasticky and more like a dress-up lash: one you’d wear for Hallowe’en, but probably not for cocktails.

  • Sultry


I’ve always wanted someone to describe me as sultry. You know, like a ‘sultry seniorita’, or ‘hey, look at that girl by the bar. She’s so…sultry‘.

Apparently, these lashes were going to do this for me. Even in the packaging I was more inspired by these ones: they’re substantially thicker and considerably more hardcore than the Natural look. Oh, and I got glue this time, which is always a positive start.

Considerably easier to apply with a thicker band, the sultry lashes sat nicely on my lashline. They looked even more dramatic when curled and a slick of mascara is added. The glue dried quickly so there was no messing around with positioning and the band wasn’t wide enough to obscure my eye makeup.

The Sultry lash gets a thumbs up from me though – they’re nice to wear, didn’t peel away and looked good when curled. I’d buy these again: hell, for a pound, I’d buy two. Cos I’m a baller like that.

Wearing Volume eyelashes 

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