Bodyshop liquid matte lips review (Nairobi Camellia+Windsor Rose)

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If you notice most of my previous post are from BodyShop which I am a fan. I love everything from their products especially their skincare.  Few weeks ago, I went to Westfield and checked out their liquid matte lips which I was surprised. I looked all the available liquid matte. I bought Windsor Rose and Nairobi Camellia. I expected Windsor Rose to be more of a tawny rose nude because of the shade on the packaging, whereas in reality it is more of a brownish nude.


Matte liquid lip Winsdor Rose


Matte liquid Nairobi Camellia

First Impressions

With so many liquid lipsticks available everywhere you turn I must admit these looked brilliant and could be a contender on how nice the bottle looks compared to brands such as lime crime and Jeffree star (fingers crossed I try both of these brands soon.The bottles are the same shade as the liquid lipstick inside which I think is a very nice feature to have. They also have floral names which is kinda of sweet too. The Applicators aren’t the most impressive I’ve seen but still they have a nice curved shape to help get an even coat on every area of the lip.The moussy texture dries within a few minutes to leave a soft, powdery finish, which wasn’t what I was expecting. They also have less transfer than I anticipated too, which is fab as that’s what usually puts me off these types of lip creams. They aren’t the most long-lasting of the bunch, you can expect to reapply after about 2-3 hours or after food, but they’re not overly drying compared to a lot of liquid lipsticks.

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12 shades available

Wearing windsor rose


  • Affordable
  • 12 different shades to choose from
  • Vegetarian Friendly
  • No Carmine
  • No Gluten
  • Cruelty Free


  • Can be a little streaky so make sure you apply a lip scrub beforehand

I’ve definitely gotten more wear from Windsor Rose, and I think it’s a really easy-to-wear, everyday shade. Whilst I won’t be replacing my entire liquid lipstick collection with this formula, I would like to pick up another nude shade, as they are really affordable as liquid lipsticks go. If you’re on the lookout for a liquid lipstick that doesn’t make your lips feel like the Sahara desert, I’d definitely recommend popping into store and checking these out!

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