10 Facts about Me

Hi lovelies,

How was your weekend? Mine was very hectic but thank God to see another week.

Today’s post is about me. Lol yes I love myself and spend more time with myself. It is a way of learning more about yourself and as well a therapy of healing. I found it very good. However what do you know about Merlinebeauty.

  1. My real name is Angel
  2. Congolese is my origin
  3. My nickames “Baby Angel” “Bapu” only my family can call me so
  4. I speak French, Lingala and Spanish
  5. I am Christian
  6. Driven by my purpose of life, I am not perfect but like to inspire others. I think evryone should be an inspirationto anyone you meet
  7. Worshipper to my God Jesus Christ and songwriter
  8. I am full of creativity
  9. I don’t like my tummy but working on it. Love the way I have been made, beautiful and strong woman.
  10. My favourite food is Paella, do not ask me why but I love seafoods.


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