7 Steps: How to grow your Instagram

If you own a smartphone and are a blogger you will most likely already use Instagram. If not…where have you been? Instagram is a fantastic visual platform and is another way to express yourself as a blogger, a photographer and someone who is looking to build their brand. It’s by far my favourite social media platform as it gives me the freedom to be creative while allowing me to connect with others. I srarted June 2016 from 200 to 7000 followers in less than a year. Wow unbelievable but it took me hardwork.Seriously I was doubting it might work but I saw my Instagram growing everyday because I was constant and creative in my way. The most important is to be yourself and original,no need to copy someone else. You can be inspired by other bloggers but what makes growing your followers is your originality, personality and inspiration. Since Instagram is very visual, use as many apps on visuality, edit videos or pictures. More tips will come soon on this blog.

Here are some of our tips on how to gain more followers on Instagram!

Step 1. Decide on a theme and stick to it

Try and edit your photos the same way each time by using the same filter to create a theme and be consistent in the way your photos appear. That could be images of your kids and home decor, beauty or fashion posts or even crafts, its entirely up to you but try not to post random content. You may like bright and colourful images or you may prefer black and white or a bright image with white backgrounds – choose what works best for you. You may also want to create a portfolio which is great for brand recognition or perhaps you just want your feed to look pretty and in that case keeping all your images flowing nicely will do just that.

Post any personal images on your personal Facebook profile or page instead to keep them separate if you really want to post the image but if you’re wanting to create a theme on your profile I would suggest sticking to it and not posting other images which don’t fit that theme.

Delete all the bad stuff – Go back through your feed any delete any images which don’t fit your new theme. This may take a while but you don’t need the irrelevant images on there. If you want to build your portfolio you want your feed to be up to date and looking top notch!

Step 2. Be active 

As with all social media platforms the more you put in the more you will get back. The same goes with Instagram. Being active doesn’t just mean posting new content, you need to interact with your followers. If you don’t engage with others then they’re less likely to interact with you. Of course if you receive hundreds of comments a day it will be impossible to sit down and reply to all of them but do try and reply to any questions. I try my best to answer every question although I do miss some if I didn’t see the notification in time before it disappears off my wall. Aim to post every day if possible, even if it’s just once a day but don’t post 10 times a day as that’s just off-putting!

Step 3. Connect your Instagram to social media

By connecting your Instagram account to your social media accounts your are extending your reach and drawing in more potential followers. Connecting your accounts is easy and can be done from the settings option on your profile. Each time you share a photo you will have the option to share with your Facebook and Twitter accounts and it can even be set up to automatically do it each time.


p style=”text-align:justify;”>Step 4. Share!

This isn’t everyones cup of tea but it is an amazing way of growing your readers! This could be sharing a favourite Instagram shop of yours or a favourite feed and giving each other a little shout out. I like to post a round up image with four different Instagram accounts I’ve been loving lately with an image from their feeds and tagging them for others to go and check them out. This is a great way of building your followers as others are likely to join in to and you may get mentioned by a few different people. Don’t forget to delete any features after 24-48 hours so they don’t clog up your feed and mess up your theme or portfolio.

Step 5. Add your Instagram feed to your blog sidebar

If you’re reading this post then you most likely own a blog and should already have a link to your Instagram profile somewhere alongside your social media buttons. The next step would be to install an Instagram widget in your sidebar. If you have regular traffic to your blog and readers like what they see, your readers will more often than not click on the widget to have a browse of your feed if you’re not already following you. You can install an Instagram widget pretty easily however some blog themes do already account for this so all you need to do is add your blog username in the html and it will do all the work for you.

Step 6. Use relevant hashtags 

Not only are hashtags are a great way to find new Instagram accounts they are also a great way for gaining new followers as they are usually used by likeminded people and if they found your feed through a certain hashtag they are most likely to follow you too for future content. For example if they were to search “#beautyblog” they are most likely a beauty blogger or looking for relevant beauty posts.

Now, I’m not saying that you should tag your image with 100 different tags, that would put your followers off. Simply use a handful of relevant hashtags which are easy to remember or are from a specific community for example #blogs #ontheblog #bbloggers #pbloggers. See what tags other bloggers use on a regular basis and take the time to check out what others are posting and engage which is good for interaction. I’d suggest not using hashtags like #tagforlikes and #commentforcomment as these look spammy which aren’t good!

Step 7. Host a giveaway!

Just like hosting a giveaway on your blog hosting an Instagram giveaway brings in more followers as they are required to follow you and share the post if required meaning your giveaway gets seen by more people. There are various types of giveaways you could host and here are a few of the most popular types:

Brand giveaways – If you already collaborate with brands for giveaways on your blog then perhaps suggest to host one on Instagram to boost their followers if they have an Instagram account. This is a great way to build their brand awareness as well as gain some new followers for both of you.

Loop/Group Giveaways – Do you have a group of IG friends who you interact with regularly? Gather 5-10 or however many you like (preferably not too many) and all post the same promotional image at the same time on the same day. This could be a gift card or PayPal cash or even an item. You all put your money together to fund the prize. You each tag one person on the list and they tag the next going round in a circle back to the first person in the loop. Each follower who comes across the giveaway are then required to follow all of the accounts listed if you made it a requirement that they must follow for the chance to win. If the prize is good you will definitely get a batch of new followers! Some people have been known to receive 2000+ new followers from group giveaways! Try and keep it small as people are less likely to participate in a group giveaway if they’re required to follow several new accounts.

Shop giveaway – If you own an Instagram shop decide on something to giveaway, this could be one item or a bunch of items. Make it a requirement that they must follow and re-post the giveaway as an entry and you’re bound to get some new followers! Sometimes it’s a good idea to ask them to tag someone or up to 5 people, which is another great way to get your giveaway and feed seen!

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So those are our top tips on increasing your following on Instagram. Do you have any tips to share? Let me know in the comments below.

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