7 lessons taught by Tasha Coobs

Tasha Cobbs, the singer of “Break Every Chain” got married on Friday last week. And, once is not customary, this Monday we will not have the usual meditation. I was so happy for her when the news broke into the social networks, that I had to talk about it. Today I would like to share with you 7 lessons that her marriage teaches to all those who are waiting for their life partner. The 35-year-old singer is not the first to marry after 30 years. Before her, there was Kari Jobe, a well known Christian singer who married at the age of 33 years. But let’s stay focused on Tasha because it’s his season youloulouwww !!!

What lessons can we learn from this marriage?

1 – Concern first of the kingdom of heaven and the rest will be given to you above all

Tasha Cobbs serves God in praise since she was very young. I do not know if you have ever observed the freedom with which she sings, but one thing is certain, it is not easy to acquire. She detected her gift, her mission and was obedient to God’s guidance even when it did not make sense. I remember her saying that God told her to move to Atlanta when she did not know anyone there. She obeyed and found herself in the church of Pastor William Murphy III, the interpreter of “Praise is What I do”. He will become her mentor and help her become the artist she is today. Meanwhile the man who was about to become her husband, she was not idle. She invested in herself and in her relationship with God. And as the Bible says in Habakkuk: “If the promise is delayed, wait, Because surely it will be accomplished. God honored His obedience.

Lesson 1: God has not forgotten you; It is not because all those around you are married and you reach the thirties that it is death. What is your call, your mission, the projects God has given you? You may meet your husband through this. Do not depress, reclaim yourself and build your empire while waiting for Boaz.

2- She invested in her emotional health

Tasha Cobbs recently opened on the deep depression she had for several years as she led the praise every Sunday. She spent her days shut up in her house in the dark and only went out to go to church. She admitted to consulting a psychologist in addition to putting her faith in God, for a total deliverance. The alliance of the 2 has allowed him to get out of this chronic depression. It was during this period of restoration that God told him to put the song “Break Every Chain” on the album which will become an international success.

Lesson 2: God is also interested in your mental and emotional health. Life can be cruel and we can as women develop some dysfunctions. It is important to ask for help and prayer, because if these problems are not resolved before marriage, they will get worse.

3- His future husband understands his ministry and they are complementary

Tasha Cobbs is an impressive vocal singer and performer. I noticed that especially in music, couples who last are those who are a team at home and in music (they have a common purpose). Musical complicity is a complementary cement that unites them because, unless you have a Girl Band, having a husband who understands spiritually the sound you want and humanly the sacrifice that your gift requires, it has no price. The husband of Tasha Cobbs, Kenneth Leonard, is a recognized musical producer in the field. I worked with famous artists and he is also an entrepreneur. Below, the musical part “Jesus Dit It”. For those who know, it is a synchronization of “ouf” between the worship leader and the musical director. Guess who was the music director on this cd? His husband ! Below, a live excerpt.

Lesson 3: To fulfill a vision, the one God has given you, your husband must be your partner, a partner that adds value to your life. The Bible says: 2 Do they walk together without reaching an agreement? This is particularly valid in marriage. The couples in the Gospel that exemplify this are: Mary Mary, Cece Winans (her husband is her manager), Tamela Mann (they do everything to 2).

4- She accepted her children

Your future husband will probably have a past. In the case of Tasha Cobbs, I do not know if he is widowed, divorced or demoted before returning to God. But what is true is that he really had three children before he knew her. It is not the only one in this case. The daughter of Td Jakes Sara, married a pastor who had 3 children before returning to the Lord.

Lesson 4: Your future husband may have children. Have you considered that? Think about it and make it a subject of prayer.

5- Their marriage was done in privacy and at a lower cost

Last year, Tasha Cobbs said he had won $ 800,000 (yes, in the US it’s public data) a little over  £648,174.6 yet she married simply and cheaply. I think both had to declare more than 1M of income but they chose an intimate and private ceremony.

Lesson 5: The essential thing is to unite before God and not the beauty of the feast. Wisdom would like you to invest in your future home, a common project and not in a party. I think we must return to simplicity and wisdom in marriage. The most important thing is not the luxury and opulence of a party that lasts less than 24h, especially if you do not have huge means. Tasha with £648,174.6 of income chose simplicity. If you make less money and push back your wedding to make an expensive wedding, I encourage you to make a simple and intimate party instead of burning or fornicating😉

6- The exhibition

I did not understand why Tasha Cobbs had been exposing her relationship with him for a few months. She had no engagement ring, nothing at all. In my opinion, a man who is not committed to you does not deserve to appear on your social networks. Today I understand that they probably had already stopped the date of their marriage when she started talking about him.

Lesson 6 : Do not put any man who has not committed to you on social networks😉

7- Do not lower your standards

I do not know what the future holds for them, but I see how the brother is considerate, how he creates with her the different songs and sounds for his next album, how much he is not intimidated by her, how much he celebrates his And its uniqueness. Ummm I hear you, you wonder how I know all this? InstaStories and Snapchat! Yes, both talk about their daily life, including the preparation of Tasha ‘s next album;). At 30, she could have accepted the 1st comer, or someone who does not share her vision or call. But she waited. As Kari Jobe before her and who is now a little boy’s mom, she waited for the green light from God.

Lesson 7 : Do not diminish your standards, your vision, your plans for marriage. God is able to give you someone who will be your teammate, your husband, your lover and the father of your children. Do not despair ! Do not accept the 1st comer. Trust in God

If you are tempted to resume your sentimental life in your hand, believing that God has forgotten you or is too late, I encourage you through these 7 lessons to trust God. He is a marriage maker.

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