Mac cosmetics fluid brow gel creme review

I shall be reviewing the amazing MAC Fluidline Brow Gel creme in Deep Dark Brunette. As an answer to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade, MAC made a gel creme that could be amazing to fill the brows and shape them up. Since recent times ‘BROWS’ have got a special importance in makeup and however overrated it is, the brows are what makes the makeup look complete and amazing. Amidst the brow pencils, brow gels and brow mascaras, finally comes a product that can give you even more precise application without too much of pain and building and get you water resistant (sweat) brows every time and every day.

The formula: A little bit goes a long way, no seriously – a LITTLE bit goes a LONG way. The formula is quite like the Fluidline gel liner but more long lasting and waterproof. It stays put and does not flake. I even tried scratching it off my hand and it didn’t budge. Yup, and I even tested it by rubbing it under running water (it didn’t move).

My hair is a really dark brown/black so I purchased “Deep Dark Brunette” and it suits me perfectly. You can use a little bit of product for a softer look but if you over-load the brush, it could look more bold and dark. Very versatile!


This is the quintessential classic minimalistic black box packaging with the product inside it. All the ingredients are written on the box and MAC does not bother to write the description of the product and what the product does on the box.

The jar is a small dense glass jar which holds the product. Since creme gel based products are hand poured or machine poured and dried in the jar, the size and quantity may vary (especially if it is hand poured). The glass jar is almost clear to see the colour and has the description of its colour written on the base….here it being ‘Deep Dark Brunette’ for someone with darker brows.


A small tip – if you have the darkest hair on the planet, do not try to match the color of your brows with the color of your hair. This will make you look like Maleficent. Instead color them 2-3 shades lighter and also sometimes a minuscule red nuance in the brow color may help cut the starkness of the black.

Deep Dark Brunette Gel Creme is a fluidly, jelly like product that is moderately pigmented, glides like a jelly, dries very fast and stays put for the longest, although I cannot say it is waterproof as the swatch was easily washed with water. The gel really dries fast…faster than the fast. I felt the gel texture to a bit hard when dried and not very waxy as it is supposed to be. This is a harmless disadvantage as it has some subjective errs to make too. I suggest one must be pretty fast in doing their brows when using this product as it almost dries before you dip your brush again.

The gel creme sets into a matte semi-opaque colour that does last well. One must render caution with the amount of product that goes on the brows as too much of product and there are 2 hard plastic brows that would not understand emotional stress. So using very very little amounts of product is advisable and fortunately the formula is bailable and does not crack like their permanent Fluidlines.



The most suggest brush for a product like this is an angled brush, especially the one that MAC makes. It’s insanely precise and applies a gel liner or a brow product very very beautifully.

I use Sleek Angled liner/brow brush and angled brush to apply the brow gel.

This is my secret since I have really thick brows. I use a disposable mascara wand from Chanel (rather than those waste of their kind mascara spoolie brushes) to comb through my brows immediately to disperse the formula better.

I reapply 2-3 times with a minuscule amount of product to have a better control and precision of the brows. The first application is for drawing the brow shape. The second is for filling the gaps and creating the shape. The third usually is for final touch ups. And this is how the brow looks.



MAC¬†Fluidline Brow Gel Creme is available in 4-5 colours in varying colouring and intensity. This is one product that does a great job to create the brows that you ever wanted. I’d suggest to consult the MAC Artist in the store before getting your perfect colour.

Hope you liked the quick review. Do let me know the comments


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