3 principles to keep in mind when you wait for an answer from God

The Christian life does not immune us to challenges, hardships, difficulties … The difference lies in the fact that in Jesus’ name and through prayer, you have direct access to the creator of the universe. I have recently seen the testimony of a mother who has prayed for 42 years for her deaf and dumb son to hear. And God did it!

Through prayer, you can receive strategies, encouragement, directions, revelations, everything you need to tackle difficulties in a calm and stress-free manner. But how do you do it when God does not answer your requests, your questions and you do not know what to do?

Today I propose three principles to keep in mind when you wait for an answer from God:


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It is not because your answer is slow to come that God has forgotten you. Sometimes God uses this to teach you patience and perseverance. Do not be a woman who abandons at the slightest obstacle. The Bible says that the kingdom of heaven will belong to the violent (Matthew 11:12). Violence is not about taking things using force. The real strength is the patience and perseverance you show on your knees to get and wrest your promise and your answer.

Rejoice in hope. Be patient in affliction. Persevere in prayer.
Romans 12:12

For you need perseverance, that after you have fulfilled the will of God, you will obtain what is promised to you.
Hebrews 10:36

N2Keeping the Faith


Faith is the firm assurance that God is able to do what He promised. It is to believe, whatever your reality, that God will do it. This is not always easy and it is for this reason that learning Bible verses is an antidote to the doubt that the enemy is trying to immerse in your mind.

God can do beyond what you can hope for, dream or think. But you have to believe it to see it come true. Abraham believed and Sarah, despite his unbelief, gave birth (Romans 4: 13-21). You too can live the promises of God if only you have faith, if only you believe in it!

Now faith is a firm assurance of things hoped for, a demonstration of those not seen.
Hebrews 11: 1

Now to him who can do by the power that works in us infinitely beyond all that we ask or think, to him be glory in the Church and in Jesus Christ, in all generations, in the ages centuries ! Amen!
Ephesians 3: 20-21

N3 Trust in God

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The methods and voices of God are different from ours. In the garden of Eden, one of the weapons that Satan used to take Eve to doubt is the phrase: Did God really say?
He will probably try this technique with you because his goal is that you doubt, that you give up or that you agree to live a life at a discount.

The advice I can give you is to always scan your thoughts. Do not let them wander. Do not accept as coming from you, all that passes you by the head. In the face of doubt, reaffirm your trust in God. In the face of doubt, choose daily to put your trust in the Lord.

God is not a man to lie, nor a man’s son to repent. What he said, will he not? What he has declared, will he not execute it?
Numbers 23:19

So it is with my word, which comes out of my mouth: it does not return to me without effect, without having executed my will and accomplished my purposes.
Isaiah 55:11

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Be Blessed

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