10 keys to meet the right person

All the great cities are filled with bachelors, couples who make and break each day.┬áMaking meetings is not always obvious, but posing with the first comer is not the best thing to do either. Love is a matter of timing, self-fulfillment, maturity and envy. You will have to love yourself, know yourself and know what you want in life to be able to multiply it in a couple relationship and be able to attract the person that suits you. Finding love the truth, takes time, it’s a long or short path, and each story is different.


1. The state of mind

The state of mind in which you find yourself is for many. You will unconsciously tend to drag your past with you. To mourn the failures of yesterday is to learn and to keep what is constructive. But it is also accepting that it is part of the person you are today. It is to be taken into consideration. Accept that your ex is perhaps not a bad person and that you lived exceptional moments but that it was not good for you. And also accept that it makes a woman very happy today perhaps thanks to you. Anyway thanks to this relationship, you could discover yourself in another day and arm yourself for the future.

2. Your Way of Presenting You

The way you present yourself to the world is not only dress, it is an attitude, a way of behaving. To really have confidence in oneself and in what one has to offer is on the one hand very attractive and above all will allow you to attract men confident sharing the same joy of life that you. You do not need to make tons of them, but to learn or to learn to be natural and to let your aura appear. Be confident with yourself.

3. Open-mindedness

Or how not to dwell on appearances. You surely have a list of physical criteria, an attraction for a certain type of men … But life can surprise you and the human being is composed of more than one facet. You will have to be open to this type of surprise … But if you only look at a certain type of men, you will live and live the same type of relationship.Certainly it must please you, but try to take the time to know different personalities. Many wonderful history began with a friendship.

4. Take the time to get to know you

To know oneself is to be happy oneself. The relationship and respect you will have for yourself, the image you have of yourself is what you refer to others and not what you see in the mirror. Ask yourself the right questions! Do you want to be alone? Are you looking for a relationship you will be dependent on? Do you want to take the time to meet the right person?

5. Consider your future desires

You will have to replace your anxiety by your faith, a solid faith. Moving towards inner peace and serenity. The positive will bring you positive and positive encounters. What are you looking for? A father for your future children? A loving husband? A partner to travel the world? Once you have your answer in mind a natural sorting will happen. You will instinctively go towards men who seek the same thing as you. Empty your mind of all media superficialities and have confidence in life! That is also how to have faith.

6. You deserve to be loved

It is important that you are loved at least as much as you love yourself and you must be convinced of it. This will allow you to accept the love that is offered to you. True love does not make us suffer, but the ideas that we make of it sometimes lead us to play with the love of the other for fear of being betrayed. Alas fear does not remove the danger, it creates it. The most courageous is not the one who loves, but the one who accepts to be truly loved without taking his partner for granted … One must accept to have lost in the past, to learn to savor the victory of love …

7. The outside world

You will tend to reassure yourself by comparing yourself to women or couples in the same situation as you. Do not be afraid to have couples as models, to be interested in couples around you or in the media. Being jealous and envious is harmful, but curious, ready to question, and admitting that you may have done wrong is only positive. It is difficult to have an honest judgment when you are emotionally involved in your relationship, but seeing a couple live the type of relationship you have experienced can open your eyes to your own mistake. And to witness a true love, is a sign that it exists and is within reach of all. And that’s what you have to believe.

8. Be the right person

To find the right person, you will have to be the right person. Be the reflection of your inner beauty. Work on you and be the best possible and imaginable version of yourself.You can never change a man, but you can improve yourself … To find shoes at your foot, you must be sure of your size. You want a man like this, not like that, a relationship like this, but not like that! But what do you have to offer? You look for the good … but he too. To each one to work on oneself, so as to be ready the day when love falls on us.

9. Accepting vulnerability

Vulnerability is accepting its faults and remedying them instead of blaming the male potentiality of your life. To be vulnerable is to accept that the other can also be vulnerable and make him want to open up to you. Let him feel confident. That he can make the guy out, play the role that strengthens him in his manhood because he knows that with you he can be completely himself, for you are whole with him. As paradoxical as it may seem in certain situations. It is you who have control, and the power to let your weaknesses reveal and reveal you will be a proof of courage in the eyes of the man who will love you sincerely.

10. Be Selective

Do not be afraid to be demanding, to raise your standards and to stick to them. This does not mean that you are pretentious as some will want to make you believe but just that you have become aware of what you want and especially what you DO NOT want. Having a clear idea of what makes you happy will allow you to avoid many disappointments. Because to accept to go in the opposite way of what your experience taught you is to take the risk to be disappointed again and especially to waste time!

No one can decide to make you happy, you decide it yourself” – Beyonce


The construction of your couple starts with the construction of your person! You will have to be honest with yourself, not give in to the dictates of society and take the time you need to be the woman you want to be for the love of your life. The reality is that it is the man who proposes and the woman who disposes. So take the time to dispose of the options that open to you, love is there! It is in you! And all around you!

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