5 things you have to be sure about going further with a man

You’re a couple recently and you wonder if it’s not time to move on to the next step?Before crossing the course, it is important to see if this man is worth it, if you do not persist your time and if you are not dealing with a builder. Let’s see, then, 5 things you need to be really sure about before going any further with a man

1.   O F   Y  O U


Even before you project the analysis on him, you must first apply it to your own person. Do you really know what you’re looking for? Do you want to frolic or are you really trying to ask yourself? You have to be fully in tune with your wishes and expectations because a breach would be synonymous with pole strained to make you play. The more you will be in phase with yourself, the more you will be able to express clear, clear and concise wishes to your suitor. When he is notified of your wishes, he can not deny that he was not informed of what you wanted, let alone pretend that you were not clear enough with him: in short, when you know where you are Go and what you want, you do not give the stick to make you beat and naturally, you sort and separate yourself from what is harmful to you.

2.  H I S    A M B I T I O N S

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It is not a question of having a materialistic vision but rather being in phase with the reality of our society. A man incapable of taking up his responsibilities or of looking beyond the tip of his nose will never be able to bring the stone to the building for the elevation of your couple. Ambition is not about the money a man is able to bring home; it emphasizes a man’s ability to rebound when he weakens and the energy he puts in place to Do not rely on what you have learned. This is also the fundamentals of your couple, are you on the same wavelength, do you see things the same way about support, fidelity, religion etc.? It is very important to exchange about his vision fan not to be disappointed several months by the beginning of his relationship.

3. H I S    C H A R A C T ER


This is an aspect that really should not be taken lightly. There is no question of pushing it into its intrenchments, to see how it will react but above all to analyze the person you have in front of you. Certainly, we can all easily play the game to camouflage our feelings or our true temperament but there are gestures that say a lot about a person. We must not neglect the vigilance to be had at this level.

4.    H I S    I N T E N S I O N S


To gauge the sincerity of a man is a step not to be taken lightly. Regardless of the method that has allowed you to get closer to the point of considering a story, you can not deviate from this rule. Many people only want to flirt while leaving doubt about a possible commitment of their shares. Worse, they succeed in pushing vice by making you have a serious relationship and then disappear after getting what they wanted. Many also lie about their relationship status and pretend to be single – while they have women and children – for the sole purpose of putting you in bed. It is therefore really crucial to know what are his intentions towards you, this will avoid many disappointments.

5. H I S   D E S I R E   T O  C O M M I T

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It is obvious that one can not go further with a man who only seeks to gather flowers from flower to flower! If you seek to settle down and nest yourself, of course, you will not accept that a man is playing with you. Unfortunately, the human being is able to act with the greatest slyness and deceit when it comes to achieving its goals. It is in this sense that it is important to know more about his vision of commitment, if he is in that state of mind or if he considers himself a free electron. A man who truly wishes to stabilize in his sentimental life knows how to put things in place to achieve it. If his commitment is sincere he will know how to involve you in his life, reassure you and will not hesitate to project with you.

These 5 points are not exhaustive, others are of course to be taken into account. It is important to stress that you must remain suspicious and not judge your relationship only with the heart. Sincerity is rare nowadays, which is why we must give priority to observation and advance in all objectivity.

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