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9 tips for developing your influence

Being a leader seems easy but that is not the case. There are so many factors, attitudes to adopt, that a mere nothing is needed to bring about the opposite effect. Despite this, you want to have that strength that will position you as an unavoidable and influential woman.In this article you will find 9 tips that will help you develop this, while being aware that it is not in any way manipulation.



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Asking requires an effort for some people. But someone who asks is perceived more positively. It is not a matter of begging or passing for a person who is resourceless or judgmental, but knowing his or her limitations and acknowledging that others are more likely to complete an application. We do not necessarily talk about a service, it can be advice or information.


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Helping others does not mean making a service but you can help by listening and counseling. An influential woman knows that it is important to value others. Even if for you, listening is something simple, for someone in distress, doubt or filled with uncertainty, your action will not be without effect even if it is invisible.



To develop its power of influence, one must manage any abrupt reaction. Impulsivity will show a person who does not know how to handle his feelings and who can be invaded at any time. You will be perceived as excessive and unstable, which is not in the direction of influence and power that must emerge from you. Learn how to handle this type of reactions that can only stop you from achieving your goals.


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Panic, fear … are negative emotions that can paralyze you and prevent you from acting. In general, they result from a lack of self-confidence. Learning how to manage your nervousness is a long task but you can find techniques that are personal to you to master those moments that make you lose influence. Ultimately, this will help you to master yourself in the most complicated situations and to gain power.


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Love, money, encouragement, self-confidence are things that you may tend to expect from others. And this makes you dependent on their reactions, their moods, and alters your way of seeing yourself. You can not live like that. Learn to appreciate the fabulous woman that you are, so you will not have to build yourself in the eyes of others but only on the image you have of you.


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Knowledge is power and therefore a great way to position yourself as a powerful woman and not a potiche. Being interested in what surrounds you makes you a woman whose subjects of conversation are varied. You will then be interesting and your point of view will always be solicited.



Impatience is the inability to tolerate a certain type of emotions that affects you. The more you will be able to endure the worst circumstances while having self-control, the more influence you will gain. Patience can help you manage situations where your feelings can make you irrational. It is cultivated and unfortunately it is not born with everything. However, taking time to analyze what a situation can have as impact on you, can make you gain influence because patience is associated with self-control.


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Courage is not the absence of fear, but it is the ability to keep moving forward by ignoring these fears that can paralyze you or prevent you from acting. An influential woman knows how to surpass herself to achieve her goals whether in her own interest or in the interests of others.


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This advice may seem strange, but being vulnerable or unveiling your emotions will increase your sympathy and your influence. People perceive you as a person with a heart if you admit your weaknesses and defects. Do not try to be strong, this can mislead others who may see you as a cold and haughty person. Open to others, share your story, not everyone, but let them discover who you are.


The influence you can have over others will not happen overnight. In addition, this will be the result of efforts to be sustained over time. Note that we are talking about influence and not about manipulation. The goal is to enable you to achieve your goals while having the respect of others.

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