7 goals that each Woman of Influence should impose on herself

The year 2017 is the tip of his nose and comes with his share of joy, sadness, success or even failures. It’s time to project yourself on what you want for this new year and determine your future goals. For some, the resolutions rhyme with abandonment because they do not exceed the first 3 months of the year. But as a Woman of Influence, you must be organized, rigorous and demanding of yourself so as not to let go. This article lists you 7 goals that you need to establish in your life right now.



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Whether it’s for your family and at work, never stop working, skill building, learning new things. Working harder does not mean killing yourself with the task, on the contrary. Educate yourself, develop your potential. It does not happen overnight, it is planned according to your goals and desires. Do not leave the time spent without having accomplished anything concrete, palpable in your day. Working hard is also the aim of the moon, these positions, goals you will never think to achieve by setting yourself affordable goals. So you will get there little by little. It is better to take the stairs to assimilate what every day can teach you.



Who does not like good food? Eating is always a pleasure. A Woman of Influence is a woman who is comfortable with her body and the image she exudes. It is important to be aware of its value and not to try to resemble the stereotypes reflected in newspapers.Appreciate who you are. Eat without feeling guilty. To deprive yourself of what you love can lead to a certain malaise. This does not mean that you have to eat excessively, but learn to eat healthier while keeping the notion of pleasure, your body will make you feel good.


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Dreams and projects remain over time but they can leave traces on the possibility of their realization. Do not lose the light that makes you believe in your dreams. Create new goals so you do not lose the vision you have, whether personally or professionally. You have the abilities to reach them, so use them. Failure is part of success, do not be buryed by it, but see it as a way to bounce back better. To believe in one’s dreams is never to give up.


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The accomplishment of a project is difficult or even impossible without a good organization. Unfortunately, being organized requires effort and concentration. So you will need to put in place tricks to maximize it and be more productive. Having a better organization will allow you not to be underwater and to be able to treat each situation and information in depth. Your time is valuable, it is important to know how to manage it to take advantage of it. You will be more efficient.


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You have a limited time on this earth, as well as your loved ones. Unfortunately, there will be no alarm to warn you of the date and time. So live every day as if it were the last. Enjoy yours, compliment them, tell them you love them. Many think about it but few really do, and giving this love will also bring you. And above all, do not forget, take time for yourself, whether for reflection, meditation or reading … Discover your oasis which will allow you to recharge yourself to be attacked in any situation .


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Do not allow regrets to interfere in your life. This will act as a gangrene and you will undermine your morale and thus disrupt your desire to move forward. Finally, you will learn to live in the past. A Woman of Influence looks to the future and uses her past to improve her future. So STOP the regrets!


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You will never be told enough, it is important to have a physical activity, even if only 30 minutes walk per day. But if you can do more, do it! You will feel more in tune with your body and you prepare your old age like those movie stars who are in their fifties and who make 30 of them. Anyway, take care of you, and this on different levels: physical, mental, Emotional and having physical activity indoors or outdoors can help.


As promised, here are 7 actions to keep in mind for this new year and especially to set up in your daily life. Hoping to have helped you in this way, I wish you a great holiday.

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