15 ways to make yourself more attractive than others

A woman who attracts is a woman who makes a difference. She knows how to  bring someone or something to her. Theattraction is not based not only physically … Of course, appearance is an important point, but if you want to be one of the fem my , there is a whole field of character to develop. Here are 15 ways to make yourself more attractive than others!

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1. Be sure of you

Self-confidence is contagious. You will then release a pronounced aura if you have enough esteem for you. You will notice your presence, we will see you arrive because you yourself will not doubt it. The work is long but the result is certain: to have confidence in oneself is first to authorize the success, you only have to open the good doors.

2. Be an observer

Make the difference between being remarkable and getting noticed. It is not enough to shout and make the interesting one to see you … Be rather observant and listening. Take the time to hear and understand what is happening, what the person is trying to entrust to you. In this way, you gain not only in attraction but especially in credibility.

3. Be calm

We will not try to come to you if you’re too nervous. Certainly you will be noticed but you will not attract anyone, you will only repel the others. If you want to be attractive, remain calm and restful. It is all that will follow that will make you attractive, nothing is used to make noise. The same holds true for conflict situations: remaining Zen, the other will be completely destabilized.

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4. Be charismatic

The charism is a form of authority. That is to say to please beyond the visual, to be filled with grace and pleasure . You will then be much more attractive if you seek to develop this trait of character. People who demonstrate  s have admired and like enormously.

5. Be elegant

Elegance is the quality of the one who presents a certain harmonious grace characterized by the lightness and the ease in the form and the movement. You understand then that elegance is not only physical, it is based very much on the attitude, the gait and the behavior. A determined and careful woman will not only be elegant,  but also very attractive.

6. Be inaccessible

Learning to make you desire. It is proved: inaccessibility  attracts; Therefore make the suspense last and be as mysterious as possible; In this way, the others will go to you. Do not be closed or cold, make the difference … Stay warm while putting limits.

7. Work on Your Voice

The voice in a woman is one of the most attractive features when properly used and mastered. To work on his voice is to rely on the transmission of his message, so you doubt that the importance to give to your voice is not neglected. You must then learn to pose and play on the tones, so as not to annoy or assault the person in front of you, but rather to make him want to continue the conversation.

8. Works on your gaze

The look, like the voice, is essential in an exchange. If your gaze is empty, the person will not seek to be more interested in it. Fix the person who is in front of you. One must feel self-confidence through your eyes, determination and interest. You have to know that one of the first things you learn from models – who never show their teeth – is to smile with your eyes! Inspire yourself.

9. Be smiling

Smiling is the key element of attraction. If you do not smile, you make people flee from you. You seem cold, depressed, withdrawn. The smile is the meaning of “I am positive and my discussion will be as appealing as my smile” . Then mouse!

10. Be ambitious

An ambitious person is very attractive, because  she is also very curious. As a result, she is interested in everything and respects the interests of others. We then want to ask him a lot of questions since it is full of life, envy and that it is not empty of interest.

11. Be mysterious

Remain discreet about what you undertake. The mystery is very attractive. Disclose things about your life, and you will see that people will constantly seek to know more about you.

12. Be stylish

Physics is important, of course  ! Privileges a style that resembles you in which you are comfortable without being neglected. Do not look like all the others thinking this is how it is to be. Leave the clichés of society in their place and impose your style as a mark of your identity, and believe me you will attract more than one!

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13. Be sociable

Be sociable!! There are always good lessons to be learned well from each. Show that no one is frighteneing you, that society does not frighten you. In this way, the people around you will notice that you are at ease in all circumstances.

14. Be grown

Cultivate constantly: read, go to the cinema, attend exhibitions, go to the museum, the theater, read the newspaper, and also have interest in what you do not like; Because for you to be an attractive and interesting person, your opinion must be reliable and well founded. You can not say you do not appreciate something  without knowing why.

15. Successful!

Success attracts everyone: jealous, opportunistic, but also visionaries and enthusiasts … Like you! Of course, always remain humble and does not display your success as a trophy. As the famous saying “Do your projects in silence, success will take care of the noise” .


You will understand that attracting is not only to please, it is also to keep this interest and to make it an essential element for your personal development. It is obvious that you must be careful, because being attractive you will meet envious per hundred. But rest assured: If so many people envy you, it is that you have succeeded! You now have all the keys to become one. It is now up to you to become the best version of yourself.



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