5 reasons that confident women are more honest

A confident woman is anything but a liar or the bad copy of someone else. She does not need anyone to make herself and to evolve, apart from herself. For this reason she will often be envied and jealous by a good number of people. His behavior will then be criticized or even interpreted as hypocritical or overplayed. In short, everything it is not. So here are 5 good reasons that will prove that a confident woman is by no means a false woman.


1. It is self-sufficient

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A confident woman does not need to prove who she is. She went through difficult times and got out. She knows that the only person she must satisfy is herself. Thus, she maintains healthy relationships with her entourage.

2. It is true and honest

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She knows that being yourself is far more attractive than wearing a mask. She learned from experience that it was better to be honest than to tell lies. It’s a waste of time . A liar should always remember the lies told from one person to another. A confident woman knows that lying will hang more energy than remembering the “real” story.

3. It keeps its energy

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She knows who she is, she knows what she is worth, and it is without any pretense that she advances with confidence. Lack of trust, doubt, fear are wasting an enormous amount of time on those who suffer. Thinking “capable of” saves precious time and develops potential and energy.

4. She advocates her true personality

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When a person lies to himself, it easily forgets his true personality. When people feel lost they begin to feel empty and feel guilty. This is not the case for a confident woman who assumes her personality completely.

5. It is inspiring

She is a mentor for other women and has to be an example for others and for herself. She ended up accepting herself entirely, with her qualities and defects.


You will have understood that a confident woman affirms her personality and can scare those around her while being a mentor for all those who see the truth in her behavior. Do not change for others, be yourself and trust what you represent. You now have all the keys to becoming the best version of yourself

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