7 Successful Women’s Success Secrets

You want to look like these women who have accomplished and accomplish things in their lives. Between envy, project and materialization, you still have difficulties to shape what you want to achieve. Before looking for external causes, let’s start with the person you are. Do you have the characteristics, behavior and / or traits that reveal that you are a powerful woman? Let’s take an example of 7 women who are the incarnation of what a powerful woman is, to have the answer to that question.

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“The people I know who have succeeded are also the hardest working people … And very often they are also the ones who are most satisfied with their work.” – Sallie Krawcheck, former CEO of the investment bank Merrill Lynch


There is no success without work. One must go beyond, propose, invest his time in a project that one wishes to see evolve positively. If you think that working will only allow you to travel and get up when you feel like it, you have not yet realized the value that hard work can bring you: SUCCESS . Be this successful woman by being proud of your work.


“I thought that material success would assure me happiness. But after years passed between the two, feeling trapped even with a certain material success, I now know that happiness can only come from within, and that it can only be won, not bought. – Tamara Mellon, co-founder of Jimmy Choo

A successful woman possesses many qualities, Tamara Mellon understood that having values is part of it. When success comes, it can quickly rise to the head and change your personality. Having important values, you will keep your head cold and move your head high at every stage of your life.


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“I thought that success meant getting a maximum number of advertising contracts, making the most covers and parades possible. Now, I know it’s more about creating work for other people. It is rather extending my business so that it allows other women to gain their financial independence and become stronger. – Tyra Banks, TV host and former model

Helping others is not a weakness on the contrary, whether it is in the professional or personal sphere. When we talk about helping others, we think systematically of disadvantaged people. There are people who just need a boost to go in the right direction and find their motivation. Tyra Banks is one of those successful women who think that helping others can help the development of her business like helping these women search for herself.


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Every job brought me to the next, every person I met would take me to the next. Each journey brought me to the next. Each challenge led me to another even greater. And each opportunity led to the next, even better. Today, success means that I know the value of each encounter and I love knowing that these new challenges have no end. – Joanna Coles, former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan USA

Joanna Coles realized that each interaction has value. Whether it’s meetings or events. In reality, we do not know where this will lead us or what it can bring us. But beyond what can be received, it is important to appreciate everything you have, to value every encounter you make. Imagine a domino game, where all dominoes are set to achieve a goal. You have the objective but the path is abstract. Every domino, every event is important to achieve this goal.


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“I believed that success meant succeeding, climbing the ladder, finishing my law school at New York University and getting involved in the corporate world. Rather, it was: ‘What next thing can I learn?’ I am now committed to helping people develop projects in turn, and I think that is one way to measure success. Transmit what I can. “- Janice Marturano, CEO of the Institute for Mindful Leadership.

Knowledge is a strong sort of power and success. We learn about everyday life at school, about our relationships. Nothing is to be put aside when one seeks to enrich one’s knowledge. Learning will allow you to develop your knowledge and confidence in what you say and what you do.


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“There are no mistakes, only opportunities. – Tina Fey, actress and producer

We should not accept all kinds of occasions, because in reality anything that looks like something positive is not necessarily so. Your strength will be in your way of analyzing and making it a positive asset in your life. Having an opportunity does not only mean having an opportunity to physically evolve in the world, opportunities even lie in failure. In any situation, one can draw a teaching to keep.


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“You have to do what you dream to do, even when you are afraid. – Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the Huffington Post

Fear is one of the biggest brakes that exist and the worst you are the only one to ask it on your way. You will never repeat it enough but you are unique and what you can accomplish, nobody can do it like you because you bring your personal touch. Become aware of your potential and what you can bring. Trust your abilities.



Being a successful woman does not improvise, you have to build yourself to become what you aspire to be. The character, the vision, the different stages of your life will lead you to that goal. Stay strong and determined!

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