Rimmel Glam’Eyes Professional Liquid Liner Black Glamour review

Black liquid liners are staple, aren’t they? And when it is a matte liner, it is even better, since you can wear them every day to office/college. I got this liner recently from Rimmel and here is the review of the same. This is my favourite black eyeliner, simple and neat look on your eyes.

Rimmel Glam’Eyes, inspired by trends for this Spring/ Summer Glam’Eyes Liquid Eye Liner comes in three great colours that are so easy to wear you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them before. The fantastic professional brush helps to reduce smudges and smears leaving absolutley nothing but the sharpest of lines behind.

I’ve tried quite a few different liquid eye liners as I really like having just a subtle thin black line on my eyelid, but most of them are easily smudged or look a bit too over the top. However this one is perfect for this as the brush is nice and thin and doesn’t apply too much eyeliner with each stroke. The eyeliner also sits perfectly in place for a long time once you’ve applied it and isn’t too easy to smudge.

  • Price: £5.29 (Superdrug and Boots)

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  • Package

The liquid liner comes in a typical packaging. The applicator is of right size which gives precise application.

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  • Texture

The texture is thicker compared to liquid liners. It is creamy and not simply liquid, hence the pigmentation is great. One stroke gives beautiful matte black line to the eyes. It feels a bit stretchy on drying but nothing bothersome, so a little patience is required. The liner dries up pretty quick, hence it is a hassle free option for the hasty mornings.

The black is matte and looks perfect for every day wear to office/college. There is no shimmer or sheen to the shade. If you are looking for a glam black option, do skip this. Matte black liners are staple in my opinion, so pick this without second thoughts if you looking for an affordable matte black liquid liner; a great option for the beginners I would say.

The staying power varies from 5-6 hours after which there is a bit of fading. It is water resistant and does not get washed off easily. Unlike most liquid liners, it does not flake off once set. I quite like the liner as a whole considering the price point and the performance.

Apply primer

Priming your eye lid is important as this will improve the eyeliner’s staying power. This will also make eye shadow last longer, if you are planning to apply some as well

  • Pros

• Simple functional packaging.

• Beautiful matte finish.

• Quick drying formula.

• Affordable.

• Applicator of right size for precise application.

  • Cons

• Slight stretchy feel on the lids.

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