Printed with Tulle skirt

Who says tulle is just for special occasions or you can wear it only in Summer? It’s totally wrong. You can create that excellent look in many surprising ways like combining a tulle skirt with denim or flannel shirt. Try one of these looks and feel like a fairy tale princess in day time!

Yesterday I wore this beautiful tulle skirt with printed shirt. I have been looking for this type of skirt. A bit vintage but still look classy with a top, jeans shirt, t shirt or bardot.

Wearing a tulle skirt can look out of fashion but like the material that remain you “ballerina”💃.

When I first saw tulle skirts doing the rounds I dismissed them as a bit silly. Something that only “bloggers” wear (and by bloggers I don’t mean me, I mean all those women who mysteriously look like models and are obviously dating photographers and post outfit photos that look like they’ve come from Vogue)

Then they gradually started to seep into my consciousness. I kept finding myself pinning pictures of tulle skirts.

The tulle on this skirt is beautifully soft and swishy and it doesn’t have too many layers, so it’s not too “pouffy”. It’s a smooth layer of net on top, with a tiered layer underneath, and then an inner satin lining.

Skirt (Or ASOS)= Originally from Primark on sale for £5

Printed Shirt = Originally from Primark 



I have lots of plans for it this Autumn and Winter so expect to see it again!

What do you think of tulle outfit? 

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