Men gift idea: Panasonic 3 blade shaver wih multi flex 


I want to bring new Panasonic revolutionist 3 Blade Shaver into your attention, the perfect product which  all men love to use. I will definitely recommend this shaver because it is a new hair product that all men can use  either wet/dry and easily transportable: 3- Blade Shaver

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To all ladies readers, you can offer it as a gift to your man for any occasion because it is a smoother blade that have many options including a sensor.

To all men readers, this is your best shaver ever because you feel more handsome and neat on your beard. A neat, quality and professional blade which is easily to use and transportable wherever you go.

This Panasonic electric razor works very very well on both dry or wet skin. It is definitely one of the best shavers in the market. It gives a close shave with a great ease and brilliant speed. Due to its ability to conduct a wet shave it has been designed with a somewhat non-slip coating on the back which works okay – the shaver does fit nicely in the hand and has a plastic bit for the thumb to rest on. The shaving head is slightly angled and swivels in all directions to match the contours of the face and neck.


Recomendation on how to use it:

Use both dry or wet, it works best  but the best is in dry mode.  First of all wash your face first, dry, then rub a drop of pre-shave oil (King of Shaves) on to the stubble – this enables the shaver to glide very smoothly over the beard and the finish is very clean, smooth and equal. When using in wet mode with a gel foam or facewash, it shaved equally smoothly but it’s difficult to see the finish as you’re shaving. It does not leave any neckline red at all, like many other electric shavers. This is the easiest electric shaver to clean as rinsing it under a running tap does the job. It comes with a cleaning brush, a clip on guard for the blades and a charging cable. It also comes with a travel pouch to store everything in.


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