Ankara outfit  at Congo fashion week 

Happy Saturday

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Last Thursday it was a great opportunity to support my people, my motherland, my roots: CONGO DRC🇨🇩🇨🇩

It was my first time to assist to this fashion show to support the organiser Marie-France Idiayi and her sister. I was pleased to learn the reason of creating a fashion show especially in London. London is known as a city of fashion😉. Another reason is to support a great cause that isn’t told everyday. Congo is a blessed country but despite war, corruption and poverty many innocent women and girls have been abused sexually which is painful. As a Congolese woman I do not support such barbary which those attackers should be arrested for such act.

However, I pray for a better tomorrow in Congo. So let us continue support one and other for not only Congo but other African nations.

The Congo Fashion week was a great experience to see different designers not only from Congo like Sarah Carter, Abisenola and more. And to add a great humble comedian Eddi Kadi and meet family and friends.

You can check the full video of the show. Click the link

My look for this event was pretty simple. I always love wearing my African outfit on special occasion like this. I am proud African who love her culture. This dress was made in Congo by family friend. If you know Congolese people, we love colours and concordance which we are known as “Sapeurs”. We love coordinating outfit together and this is awesome to express it on Congo fashion week. To add together I match my outfit with lovely makeup.

Have you ever been to fashion show before? What was your experience?

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