Fenty Beauty for Dark Skin review (420)

Hi lovelies,

This post has been a long wait because everyone has been mentioning about it. To be honest I was not sure to pursue Rihanna Makeup.

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If you agree with me too many artists lately are creating their own makeup and sometimes I like to be sure if it is worth for your money. I ordered my Fenty Beauty online through Harvey Nichols website. Thank God, the order went pretty quick and was original without any damage.

Original Box


Fenty Beauty inside


Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer


IThe filt’r for sexy skin in real life. A shine-stopping, pore-diffusing primer that smooths the way for better foundation application and longer wear with an instant retouch effect. The bottle is transparent and very original signed by Rihanna and has good smell that does not affect your face.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation 420

This foundation is one of the best product of Fenty Beauty which I will definitely recommend for those who needed. It has all shades that every women need plus it is full coverage which is excellent for long day. I will recommend not to add too much but just tiny dot on your face by using flat brush. For my beautiful melanins, you can definetely buy this foundation who does not have any secondary effect on your face. It might be expensive for your pocket but this one you will not regret in terms of budget.

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

This is definetely my everyday lip gloss as it is glossy on your lips. Explosive shine that feels as good as it looks. The ultimate, gotta-have-it lip gloss with explosive shine that feels as good as it looks – in one universal rose nude shade.

Fenty Beauty Match Stix Trio (Deep 400)

This Match Stix Trio can be expensive but it is worth for the money. I am not a highlighter and contouring type but this trio make the difference because it is smooth and does the job.A magnetised trio of long-wear, light-as-air makeup sticks curated by skin tone, with two Match Stix MATTE Skinsticks to conceal and contour, and one Match Stix SHIMMER Skinstick to highlight.

Deep 400

Suede – Warm
Espresso – Cool
Sinamon – Cinnamon Bronze

Fenty Beauty Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter (Trophy Wife)

Trophy Wife – 3D Hyper-Metallic Gold

Glow with the flow: killer radiance for face and eyes.

This Highlighter is the best golden I have never seen. Weightless, long-wear cream-powder hybrid highlighters that range from subtle day glow to insanely supercharged . I like also the originality of asymmetrical shark-tooth shape, you can highlight with more edge and precision. You can apply on your cheekbone, nose and chin.

This is the video on the review, what do you think?


Silk blue dress

Hello lovelies

Last night was another blast for me as I attended a 50th birthday party of my friend’s mum. She’s very sublime and looking young.

Because it was an evening event I decided to wear this dress which was perfect for the occasion. I love the cape details which covers your shoulder and to be honest it wasnt cold in London.

To match my outfit, I added this aztec clutch bag which I was always wondering on which occasion to wear it. And guess what found it😉.

I was a goddess last night because it is perfect for curvy lady and you can show your asset😎. It is very simple dress that you can wear anytime.

You can find this outfit on the app 21 buttons by clicking my username @merlinebeauty.

What do you think of this dress?

Gingham “Greatest” outfit 

Hello everyone

Happy new month!!! We are still autumn season as a fashion lover, I observe a particular pattern that is eye catching. Checked pattern reminds me of my childhood especially this dress below.

I love this pattern because it is classy, old school and simple.

Today’s outfit is to bring out my old school fashion Gingham. I was quite surprised to see it around shops so I decided to buy this original top from Zara which is not out of stock. I brought out my  Dorothy Perkins gingham trouser from last year. To add this oufit I match it with my grey bag.

Guess what? If you have the app “21 buttons” where I upload all my outfits if you want to have inspiration on how to dress for any occasions.

What do you think of this outfit? Which occasion will you wear it?

Ankara outfit  at Congo fashion week 

Happy Saturday

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Last Thursday it was a great opportunity to support my people, my motherland, my roots: CONGO DRC🇨🇩🇨🇩

It was my first time to assist to this fashion show to support the organiser Marie-France Idiayi and her sister. I was pleased to learn the reason of creating a fashion show especially in London. London is known as a city of fashion😉. Another reason is to support a great cause that isn’t told everyday. Congo is a blessed country but despite war, corruption and poverty many innocent women and girls have been abused sexually which is painful. As a Congolese woman I do not support such barbary which those attackers should be arrested for such act.

However, I pray for a better tomorrow in Congo. So let us continue support one and other for not only Congo but other African nations.

The Congo Fashion week was a great experience to see different designers not only from Congo like Sarah Carter, Abisenola and more. And to add a great humble comedian Eddi Kadi and meet family and friends.

You can check the full video of the show. Click the link

My look for this event was pretty simple. I always love wearing my African outfit on special occasion like this. I am proud African who love her culture. This dress was made in Congo by family friend. If you know Congolese people, we love colours and concordance which we are known as “Sapeurs”. We love coordinating outfit together and this is awesome to express it on Congo fashion week. To add together I match my outfit with lovely makeup.

Have you ever been to fashion show before? What was your experience?


Men gift idea: Panasonic 3 blade shaver wih multi flex 


I want to bring new Panasonic revolutionist 3 Blade Shaver into your attention, the perfect product which  all men love to use. I will definitely recommend this shaver because it is a new hair product that all men can use  either wet/dry and easily transportable: 3- Blade Shaver

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To all ladies readers, you can offer it as a gift to your man for any occasion because it is a smoother blade that have many options including a sensor.

To all men readers, this is your best shaver ever because you feel more handsome and neat on your beard. A neat, quality and professional blade which is easily to use and transportable wherever you go.

This Panasonic electric razor works very very well on both dry or wet skin. It is definitely one of the best shavers in the market. It gives a close shave with a great ease and brilliant speed. Due to its ability to conduct a wet shave it has been designed with a somewhat non-slip coating on the back which works okay – the shaver does fit nicely in the hand and has a plastic bit for the thumb to rest on. The shaving head is slightly angled and swivels in all directions to match the contours of the face and neck.


Recomendation on how to use it:

Use both dry or wet, it works best  but the best is in dry mode.  First of all wash your face first, dry, then rub a drop of pre-shave oil (King of Shaves) on to the stubble – this enables the shaver to glide very smoothly over the beard and the finish is very clean, smooth and equal. When using in wet mode with a gel foam or facewash, it shaved equally smoothly but it’s difficult to see the finish as you’re shaving. It does not leave any neckline red at all, like many other electric shavers. This is the easiest electric shaver to clean as rinsing it under a running tap does the job. It comes with a cleaning brush, a clip on guard for the blades and a charging cable. It also comes with a travel pouch to store everything in.


Fall makeup look 

Hi lovelies

Autumn is appraching and why not looking fabulous on this season with warm colours.

This is my inspirational look products used:







Life At 27 years old

Dear readers

This is a special post that I would like to share to everyone. I am sharing my experience at the age of 27. Today is my birthday which add to me 2⃣8⃣.


“We do not grow absolutely, chronologically. 
 We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another; unevenly. 
 We grow partially. We are relative. We are mature in one realm, childish in another. 
 The past, present, and future mingle and pull us backward, forward, or fix us in the present. 
 We are made up of layers, cells, constellations.”

Anais Nin

IHappy birthday to me! Today I turn a ripe old age of 28 and, as much as I’m not thrilled to be inching toward thirty, I’m pretty excited to look back on the past year and reflect on what an amazing, positive experience it was. There were, as there always will be, some tough times, but over all, I’d have to say that my 28th year was pretty darn awesome. One of the reasons it was so awesome is because I learned so much about life. Every year I learn more and more and, in my opinion, that’s one of the best highs life has to offer — looking back and realizing just how far you’ve come because of all that you’ve learned. I could spend hours and hours writing about this year and all of the ups and downs it’s brought, but today I’ve narrowed the post down to 27 lessons I learned during my 27th year. With each of these lessons listed, I’ve linked to a post that will show you exactly when I was learning that lesson.

This Year, I’ve Learned… 

when love is real, when the person is right, you really do just know. 
… change, scary as it is, can be just what you need to free yourself. 
… sometimes you have to let go of what you know and face the unknown. 
… letting people in and opening up to them can be surprisingly rewarding. 
… if you really, really want something, you have to take action
… you are usually quite a bit braver than you think you are
… if you screw up, you have the power to proactively make the present better
… you always know, deep down in your heart, what you really want.
… the people you want in your life aren’t always the ones you need in your life. 
… it is never, ever too late to reclaim your muchness
 whatever you focus on in your life, that’s what you’ll get more of. 
… being positive is really hard sometimes, but it’s always worth it in the end. 
… you have to know what you want and go after it because no one else will. 
… the support of other people is amazingly, astoundingly invaluable. 
… moments you fear the most are often the least likely to be worthy of fear. 
… sometimes you just have to be your own hero
… when you love, you must not forget to love yourself
… no matter how hard it seems, you can let go of your past. 
… the future can have some huge surprises in store for you. 
… living your life your way is important (even if other people don’t understand it). 
… you can continue to love others without liking their choices.  
… everyone — even you! — deserves to experience happiness. 
… you will learn more from other people than you ever thought possible. 
… the person you were can become only a fraction of what you are. 
… if you are unhappy with something in your life, you can change it.
… inspiration is everywhere, but you will only find it if you’re looking. 
… the present moment really is all you have; experience it wisely. 


As I clicked through the posts I wrote over the past year, I reflected on how far I’ve come since my h birthday. So much has happened over the past twelve months. So much has changed, but, in many ways, so much of the good in my life has remained. The past year has taught me a great deal about myself and about the world around me. Every day I’m learning more and more about the person I am and the person I want to be. Every day I’m striving to live a life that is both positive and present. It isn’t always easy, but every effort I make ends of being worth it. Thank you all for continuing to read the posts I write and for following me as I embark on another year of my life. I’m not sure how or why, but I somehow already know that this year will be an amazing one…