Silk blue dress

Hello lovelies

Last night was another blast for me as I attended a 50th birthday party of my friend’s mum. She’s very sublime and looking young.

Because it was an evening event I decided to wear this dress which was perfect for the occasion. I love the cape details which covers your shoulder and to be honest it wasnt cold in London.

To match my outfit, I added this aztec clutch bag which I was always wondering on which occasion to wear it. And guess what found it😉.

I was a goddess last night because it is perfect for curvy lady and you can show your asset😎. It is very simple dress that you can wear anytime.

You can find this outfit on the app 21 buttons by clicking my username @merlinebeauty.

What do you think of this dress?

Gingham “Greatest” outfit 

Hello everyone

Happy new month!!! We are still autumn season as a fashion lover, I observe a particular pattern that is eye catching. Checked pattern reminds me of my childhood especially this dress below.

I love this pattern because it is classy, old school and simple.

Today’s outfit is to bring out my old school fashion Gingham. I was quite surprised to see it around shops so I decided to buy this original top from Zara which is not out of stock. I brought out my  Dorothy Perkins gingham trouser from last year. To add this oufit I match it with my grey bag.

Guess what? If you have the app “21 buttons” where I upload all my outfits if you want to have inspiration on how to dress for any occasions.

What do you think of this outfit? Which occasion will you wear it?

Ankara outfit  at Congo fashion week 

Happy Saturday

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Last Thursday it was a great opportunity to support my people, my motherland, my roots: CONGO DRC🇨🇩🇨🇩

It was my first time to assist to this fashion show to support the organiser Marie-France Idiayi and her sister. I was pleased to learn the reason of creating a fashion show especially in London. London is known as a city of fashion😉. Another reason is to support a great cause that isn’t told everyday. Congo is a blessed country but despite war, corruption and poverty many innocent women and girls have been abused sexually which is painful. As a Congolese woman I do not support such barbary which those attackers should be arrested for such act.

However, I pray for a better tomorrow in Congo. So let us continue support one and other for not only Congo but other African nations.

The Congo Fashion week was a great experience to see different designers not only from Congo like Sarah Carter, Abisenola and more. And to add a great humble comedian Eddi Kadi and meet family and friends.

You can check the full video of the show. Click the link

My look for this event was pretty simple. I always love wearing my African outfit on special occasion like this. I am proud African who love her culture. This dress was made in Congo by family friend. If you know Congolese people, we love colours and concordance which we are known as “Sapeurs”. We love coordinating outfit together and this is awesome to express it on Congo fashion week. To add together I match my outfit with lovely makeup.

Have you ever been to fashion show before? What was your experience?

Sasha Fierce outfit


A special post as we are returning to cold, boots, scarf and hat. Who does like autumn/winter season?🤔🤗 I don’t but you can still look good and fashionable in this season 2017. 

This look has been inspired by Beyonce if you remember her album “Sasha Fierce”. Big, curly hair doesn’t care therefore show your lioness in you. This is how I come up with this outfit. Pretty simple and cannot go wrong with black. To add a little detail, a black lace choker. I become an addicted of choker😂😂😁 but it is simple and wear it in any outfit when necessary. The details of the outfit might not be exactly as I am wearing because it is from the previous season 2016.

Details of outfit

Crossed Black dress

Ankle boot

Lace Choker

Sleeveless jacket 

Printed with Tulle skirt

Who says tulle is just for special occasions or you can wear it only in Summer? It’s totally wrong. You can create that excellent look in many surprising ways like combining a tulle skirt with denim or flannel shirt. Try one of these looks and feel like a fairy tale princess in day time!

Yesterday I wore this beautiful tulle skirt with printed shirt. I have been looking for this type of skirt. A bit vintage but still look classy with a top, jeans shirt, t shirt or bardot.

Wearing a tulle skirt can look out of fashion but like the material that remain you “ballerina”💃.

When I first saw tulle skirts doing the rounds I dismissed them as a bit silly. Something that only “bloggers” wear (and by bloggers I don’t mean me, I mean all those women who mysteriously look like models and are obviously dating photographers and post outfit photos that look like they’ve come from Vogue)

Then they gradually started to seep into my consciousness. I kept finding myself pinning pictures of tulle skirts.

The tulle on this skirt is beautifully soft and swishy and it doesn’t have too many layers, so it’s not too “pouffy”. It’s a smooth layer of net on top, with a tiered layer underneath, and then an inner satin lining.

Skirt (Or ASOS)= Originally from Primark on sale for £5

Printed Shirt = Originally from Primark 



I have lots of plans for it this Autumn and Winter so expect to see it again!

What do you think of tulle outfit? 

Ankara Blazer in pink and yellow 💖💛

Hi guys

Hope you are all well. A special post on my favourite blazer given by my fashionista sister Nicka. She was doing some sale so I got it in a reasonable price 😉. You can check her @whatnickawore.

I decided to wear this blazer as the weather is out in London. I like to wear my African outfit matching with a normal outfit which you are still comfortable.

I know some don’t like to wear a whole African outfit but you can mix up and still look good. I will definitely need more African outfit. A blazer can be wear in any season even at work. It is good to show how to mix different cultures in fashion industry.

Details of outfit:

Meanwhile enjoy the pictures and tell me what you think?

Style me pretty: Wedding attire

Last weekend, I attended a wedding in VUK banqueting in Chiswick. Love is a beautiful thing when two people comes together to share their union. I was pleased to be part of the guest. To be honest, I have attended many weddings which mostly African but his one was Jamaican and British.

If you know African wedding, you must have at least 2 outfits but for the first time I wore only one outfit to a wedding. I love everything from ceremony to reception.

Let’s talk about my outfit, if I tell you how long I have this dress you will be surprised. This dress is from Jane Norman which I had over 3 years and still fit me. This is the perfect dress for Gala, cocktails, wedding guest even bridesmaids could wear this simple dress. I love all the details of this dress. I look like a Goddess in this cream dress.  In fact my outfit was all in gold which is perfect for this summer season. Everything I wore was affordable:

Where to shop:


Shop here

Shop here

Shop here

Shop here

Shop here


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Shop here

Shop here

T I P S  F O R  W E D D I N G  O U T F I T S:


Dress code I do’s

  • Subtlety is best. Opt for simple, pretty or romantic looks rather than edgy or sultry ensembles.
  • Simple beauty. Keep hair and makeup natural and pretty. Click here for a complete makeup tutorial on bridal beauty. For my general “wedding appropriate” hair and makeup tips, click here.

Dress code I don’ts

  • The White Rule. This age old tenet says to avoid wearing all white (including ivory), as it should be reserved for the bride. The bottom line here: it’s impolite to upstage the bride so let her be the only one wearing white. Luckily this rule has relaxed a bit. Cream colored clothing and print dresses with white backdrops are usually fine.
  • Black. Try not to wear black to early morning/afternoon nuptials.
  • Absolutely, positively NO jeans and sexy or revealing clothing. No exceptions.

I hope you found this post useful! Now you can share your newfound “wedding attire” in this post.