Life At 27 years old

Dear readers

This is a special post that I would like to share to everyone. I am sharing my experience at the age of 27. Today is my birthday which add to me 2⃣8⃣.


“We do not grow absolutely, chronologically. 
 We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another; unevenly. 
 We grow partially. We are relative. We are mature in one realm, childish in another. 
 The past, present, and future mingle and pull us backward, forward, or fix us in the present. 
 We are made up of layers, cells, constellations.”

Anais Nin

IHappy birthday to me! Today I turn a ripe old age of 28 and, as much as I’m not thrilled to be inching toward thirty, I’m pretty excited to look back on the past year and reflect on what an amazing, positive experience it was. There were, as there always will be, some tough times, but over all, I’d have to say that my 28th year was pretty darn awesome. One of the reasons it was so awesome is because I learned so much about life. Every year I learn more and more and, in my opinion, that’s one of the best highs life has to offer — looking back and realizing just how far you’ve come because of all that you’ve learned. I could spend hours and hours writing about this year and all of the ups and downs it’s brought, but today I’ve narrowed the post down to 27 lessons I learned during my 27th year. With each of these lessons listed, I’ve linked to a post that will show you exactly when I was learning that lesson.

This Year, I’ve Learned… 

when love is real, when the person is right, you really do just know. 
… change, scary as it is, can be just what you need to free yourself. 
… sometimes you have to let go of what you know and face the unknown. 
… letting people in and opening up to them can be surprisingly rewarding. 
… if you really, really want something, you have to take action
… you are usually quite a bit braver than you think you are
… if you screw up, you have the power to proactively make the present better
… you always know, deep down in your heart, what you really want.
… the people you want in your life aren’t always the ones you need in your life. 
… it is never, ever too late to reclaim your muchness
 whatever you focus on in your life, that’s what you’ll get more of. 
… being positive is really hard sometimes, but it’s always worth it in the end. 
… you have to know what you want and go after it because no one else will. 
… the support of other people is amazingly, astoundingly invaluable. 
… moments you fear the most are often the least likely to be worthy of fear. 
… sometimes you just have to be your own hero
… when you love, you must not forget to love yourself
… no matter how hard it seems, you can let go of your past. 
… the future can have some huge surprises in store for you. 
… living your life your way is important (even if other people don’t understand it). 
… you can continue to love others without liking their choices.  
… everyone — even you! — deserves to experience happiness. 
… you will learn more from other people than you ever thought possible. 
… the person you were can become only a fraction of what you are. 
… if you are unhappy with something in your life, you can change it.
… inspiration is everywhere, but you will only find it if you’re looking. 
… the present moment really is all you have; experience it wisely. 


As I clicked through the posts I wrote over the past year, I reflected on how far I’ve come since my h birthday. So much has happened over the past twelve months. So much has changed, but, in many ways, so much of the good in my life has remained. The past year has taught me a great deal about myself and about the world around me. Every day I’m learning more and more about the person I am and the person I want to be. Every day I’m striving to live a life that is both positive and present. It isn’t always easy, but every effort I make ends of being worth it. Thank you all for continuing to read the posts I write and for following me as I embark on another year of my life. I’m not sure how or why, but I somehow already know that this year will be an amazing one…

15 Ways To Improve Your Body Confidence (That You Can Do From Anywhere)

Hi ladies, I know we are approaching summer and want to look sexy or feel good abut ourself. One thing about us women, we always put pressure on our body. It is ok but sometimes STOP, BREATH and EMBRACE YOUR TRUE BEAUTY. Women’s body confidence has become a “critical issue” around the world and pressure from the media is largely to blame for our low self-esteem, a new report warns.

Globally, more than two-thirds of women (69%) and girls (65%) say increasing pressures from advertising and media to reach an unrealistic standard of beauty is the key force in driving their appearance anxiety. Meanwhile, 56% of all women recognise the impact of an “always on” social media culture in driving the pressure for perfection and negative body image.

I mean why all this pressure if you cannot accept the way you are. Women go through a lot with our body from puberty, pregnancy, menstruation, celluite, menopause etc…..

I am 27, single and no kids yet. Everytime, I meet amazing women who are lacking of confience because of this society. I personally love myself too much LOL but yeah it took me a while to accept my flow and curve. Especially being an African woman is more challenging. I work everyday on myself and admit my body the way it is. I accepted that certain shop cannot be for my body type especially when you have big bust. It can be a blessing but the struggle is also there. I stay away from toxic comments and also accept criticisms because it enables me to grow. I may not be perfect but sometimes it is good to have true friends who tell you the truth. Most of the time, I looked few magazines on my body shape. It is good to feel sexy, it will be soon another post.

Here are 15 easy ways you can improve your body confidence and learn to love yourself right here, right now.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Image result for 15 ways to boots body confidence women

Everyone has something they wish they could change about their body. Wishing you had someone else’s thighs or curly hair or smile takes away from what is uniquely you. Accentuating the qualities you like will boost your spirits and minimize the things you don’t like.

2. Focus on what you have the power to change.

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Rather than spending your energy on wishing you were taller, redirect your focus on something you can change, like toning up with a yoga or pilates class or honing one of your talents. Then celebrate with a nice pair of heels.

3. Dress as if you’re where you want to be.

giphy-downsized-large (1)

Are you waiting to lose weight before you buy that new wardrobe? If you’re wearing the same uninspiring clothes that make you feel drab, pick up a few smart wardrobe pieces, like a chic blazer, fashionable footwear, or some nice scarves or jewelry that will brighten your image and make you feel better. The better you feel, the more likely you’ll be motivated to keep making positive changes.

4. Surround yourself with beauty.

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Creating a beautiful environment at home or in your workspace will provide a greater sensual experience, which is what we all crave. Keep fresh flowers on your desk or table, add some silk pillows to your sofa, play your favorite music while cooking dinner, and drink mineral water out of a nice wine glass.

5. Practice self-care.

giphy (5)

The more you love and take care of what you have now, the more likely you’ll move in the direction of self-improvement. Schedule “me time” to take a warm, soothing bath, massage your skin with olive oil, read an inspiring book, or write in your journal.

6. Build a support system.

Spend time with people who have a positive influence on you and that energize you rather than reinforce bad habits. Exercise together, swap healthy recipes, and champion one another when you’re making progress.

7. Lose yourself in a cause.

Have you heard the saying, “What you focus on grows”? Apply this to agonizing over how you feel about your body. Instead, replace those thoughts by spending some time and energy on a cause you’re passionate about. The rewards will put things into perspective, raise your spirits, and make you feel better about yourself.

8. Treat yourself as you do others.

Would you ever dream of talking to someone that way you talk to yourself? If you’re in the habit of bashing yourself for the way you look or how you take care of yourself, switch to being gentle and patient. Change takes time and the more compassion and self-acceptance you practice, the better you’ll take care of yourself.

9. Treat eating as something special.

How we do anything is how we do everything. Practice mindful eating by having your meals in a quiet, non-stressful environment. Eat slowly and savor what you’re eating, and eat only until you’re satisfied. When you listen carefully to your body’s cues, you will help develop respect for yourself and naturally reach your ideal body weight.

10. Practice gratitude.

The more you appreciate what you have, the more you will have to be thankful for, and this includes good health. Keep a gratitude list and add to it when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. Acknowledge how grateful you are for another day and for all the positive things that happen, like the workout you fit in or the healthy food choices you made.

This simple practice will allow you to start your day on a positive note, progress through it with a better mindset, and end it peacefully.

11. Work on your inner-self.

We are spiritual beings living a human experience and we are here to learn and grow. When you listen to your inner guidance and live your life based on its wisdom, people will see the beauty and creativity of the real you that’s inside the flesh and bones. Tap into yourself and learn to love who you truly are by practicing meditation daily.

12. Read up.

Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton and Molecules of Emotion by Candice Pert are two excellent books that can also help us understand the science underlying how we create our own realities. Our beliefs, attitudes, and expectations — including our emotions, and judgments — continually shape who we are, including our bodies.

13. Take charge.

Related image

When you’re glaring at yourself in the mirror, ask yourself, “Who’s doing the talking here?” Is it your mind or your heart? Don’t like what you see? Instead of beating it up, try listening to your body.

14. Get real.


Be honest with yourself. Look at a picture of yourself from when you were a small child. You were and still are a precious darling of the universe. You are a unique gem with immense value and worth. Start digging for it.

15. Remember: what you resist persists.


What you resist, you become. Fighting against yourself and loathing your body only stimulates more neurochemicals that keep you spinning your wheels. The exciting thing is: you can change. Change your mind, change your life. How? Make the decision to shift your thinking and your emotions will follow.

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7 Successful Women’s Success Secrets

You want to look like these women who have accomplished and accomplish things in their lives. Between envy, project and materialization, you still have difficulties to shape what you want to achieve. Before looking for external causes, let’s start with the person you are. Do you have the characteristics, behavior and / or traits that reveal that you are a powerful woman? Let’s take an example of 7 women who are the incarnation of what a powerful woman is, to have the answer to that question.

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Image result for sallie krawcheck

“The people I know who have succeeded are also the hardest working people … And very often they are also the ones who are most satisfied with their work.” – Sallie Krawcheck, former CEO of the investment bank Merrill Lynch


There is no success without work. One must go beyond, propose, invest his time in a project that one wishes to see evolve positively. If you think that working will only allow you to travel and get up when you feel like it, you have not yet realized the value that hard work can bring you: SUCCESS . Be this successful woman by being proud of your work.


“I thought that material success would assure me happiness. But after years passed between the two, feeling trapped even with a certain material success, I now know that happiness can only come from within, and that it can only be won, not bought. – Tamara Mellon, co-founder of Jimmy Choo

A successful woman possesses many qualities, Tamara Mellon understood that having values is part of it. When success comes, it can quickly rise to the head and change your personality. Having important values, you will keep your head cold and move your head high at every stage of your life.


Image result for tyra banks

“I thought that success meant getting a maximum number of advertising contracts, making the most covers and parades possible. Now, I know it’s more about creating work for other people. It is rather extending my business so that it allows other women to gain their financial independence and become stronger. – Tyra Banks, TV host and former model

Helping others is not a weakness on the contrary, whether it is in the professional or personal sphere. When we talk about helping others, we think systematically of disadvantaged people. There are people who just need a boost to go in the right direction and find their motivation. Tyra Banks is one of those successful women who think that helping others can help the development of her business like helping these women search for herself.


Related image

Every job brought me to the next, every person I met would take me to the next. Each journey brought me to the next. Each challenge led me to another even greater. And each opportunity led to the next, even better. Today, success means that I know the value of each encounter and I love knowing that these new challenges have no end. – Joanna Coles, former editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan USA

Joanna Coles realized that each interaction has value. Whether it’s meetings or events. In reality, we do not know where this will lead us or what it can bring us. But beyond what can be received, it is important to appreciate everything you have, to value every encounter you make. Imagine a domino game, where all dominoes are set to achieve a goal. You have the objective but the path is abstract. Every domino, every event is important to achieve this goal.


Related image

“I believed that success meant succeeding, climbing the ladder, finishing my law school at New York University and getting involved in the corporate world. Rather, it was: ‘What next thing can I learn?’ I am now committed to helping people develop projects in turn, and I think that is one way to measure success. Transmit what I can. “- Janice Marturano, CEO of the Institute for Mindful Leadership.

Knowledge is a strong sort of power and success. We learn about everyday life at school, about our relationships. Nothing is to be put aside when one seeks to enrich one’s knowledge. Learning will allow you to develop your knowledge and confidence in what you say and what you do.


Image result for tina fey

“There are no mistakes, only opportunities. – Tina Fey, actress and producer

We should not accept all kinds of occasions, because in reality anything that looks like something positive is not necessarily so. Your strength will be in your way of analyzing and making it a positive asset in your life. Having an opportunity does not only mean having an opportunity to physically evolve in the world, opportunities even lie in failure. In any situation, one can draw a teaching to keep.


Image result for arianna huffington

“You have to do what you dream to do, even when you are afraid. – Arianna Huffington, co-founder of the Huffington Post

Fear is one of the biggest brakes that exist and the worst you are the only one to ask it on your way. You will never repeat it enough but you are unique and what you can accomplish, nobody can do it like you because you bring your personal touch. Become aware of your potential and what you can bring. Trust your abilities.



Being a successful woman does not improvise, you have to build yourself to become what you aspire to be. The character, the vision, the different stages of your life will lead you to that goal. Stay strong and determined!

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5 reasons that confident women are more honest

A confident woman is anything but a liar or the bad copy of someone else. She does not need anyone to make herself and to evolve, apart from herself. For this reason she will often be envied and jealous by a good number of people. His behavior will then be criticized or even interpreted as hypocritical or overplayed. In short, everything it is not. So here are 5 good reasons that will prove that a confident woman is by no means a false woman.


1. It is self-sufficient

giphy (8).gif

A confident woman does not need to prove who she is. She went through difficult times and got out. She knows that the only person she must satisfy is herself. Thus, she maintains healthy relationships with her entourage.

2. It is true and honest

giphy (9).gif

She knows that being yourself is far more attractive than wearing a mask. She learned from experience that it was better to be honest than to tell lies. It’s a waste of time . A liar should always remember the lies told from one person to another. A confident woman knows that lying will hang more energy than remembering the “real” story.

3. It keeps its energy

giphy (10).gif

She knows who she is, she knows what she is worth, and it is without any pretense that she advances with confidence. Lack of trust, doubt, fear are wasting an enormous amount of time on those who suffer. Thinking “capable of” saves precious time and develops potential and energy.

4. She advocates her true personality

giphy (11).gif

When a person lies to himself, it easily forgets his true personality. When people feel lost they begin to feel empty and feel guilty. This is not the case for a confident woman who assumes her personality completely.

5. It is inspiring

She is a mentor for other women and has to be an example for others and for herself. She ended up accepting herself entirely, with her qualities and defects.


You will have understood that a confident woman affirms her personality and can scare those around her while being a mentor for all those who see the truth in her behavior. Do not change for others, be yourself and trust what you represent. You now have all the keys to becoming the best version of yourself

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15 ways to make yourself more attractive than others

A woman who attracts is a woman who makes a difference. She knows how to  bring someone or something to her. Theattraction is not based not only physically … Of course, appearance is an important point, but if you want to be one of the fem my , there is a whole field of character to develop. Here are 15 ways to make yourself more attractive than others!

giphy (3).gif


1. Be sure of you

Self-confidence is contagious. You will then release a pronounced aura if you have enough esteem for you. You will notice your presence, we will see you arrive because you yourself will not doubt it. The work is long but the result is certain: to have confidence in oneself is first to authorize the success, you only have to open the good doors.

2. Be an observer

Make the difference between being remarkable and getting noticed. It is not enough to shout and make the interesting one to see you … Be rather observant and listening. Take the time to hear and understand what is happening, what the person is trying to entrust to you. In this way, you gain not only in attraction but especially in credibility.

3. Be calm

We will not try to come to you if you’re too nervous. Certainly you will be noticed but you will not attract anyone, you will only repel the others. If you want to be attractive, remain calm and restful. It is all that will follow that will make you attractive, nothing is used to make noise. The same holds true for conflict situations: remaining Zen, the other will be completely destabilized.

Image result for ciara style

4. Be charismatic

The charism is a form of authority. That is to say to please beyond the visual, to be filled with grace and pleasure . You will then be much more attractive if you seek to develop this trait of character. People who demonstrate  s have admired and like enormously.

5. Be elegant

Elegance is the quality of the one who presents a certain harmonious grace characterized by the lightness and the ease in the form and the movement. You understand then that elegance is not only physical, it is based very much on the attitude, the gait and the behavior. A determined and careful woman will not only be elegant,  but also very attractive.

6. Be inaccessible

Learning to make you desire. It is proved: inaccessibility  attracts; Therefore make the suspense last and be as mysterious as possible; In this way, the others will go to you. Do not be closed or cold, make the difference … Stay warm while putting limits.

7. Work on Your Voice

The voice in a woman is one of the most attractive features when properly used and mastered. To work on his voice is to rely on the transmission of his message, so you doubt that the importance to give to your voice is not neglected. You must then learn to pose and play on the tones, so as not to annoy or assault the person in front of you, but rather to make him want to continue the conversation.

8. Works on your gaze

The look, like the voice, is essential in an exchange. If your gaze is empty, the person will not seek to be more interested in it. Fix the person who is in front of you. One must feel self-confidence through your eyes, determination and interest. You have to know that one of the first things you learn from models – who never show their teeth – is to smile with your eyes! Inspire yourself.

9. Be smiling

Smiling is the key element of attraction. If you do not smile, you make people flee from you. You seem cold, depressed, withdrawn. The smile is the meaning of “I am positive and my discussion will be as appealing as my smile” . Then mouse!

10. Be ambitious

An ambitious person is very attractive, because  she is also very curious. As a result, she is interested in everything and respects the interests of others. We then want to ask him a lot of questions since it is full of life, envy and that it is not empty of interest.

11. Be mysterious

Remain discreet about what you undertake. The mystery is very attractive. Disclose things about your life, and you will see that people will constantly seek to know more about you.

12. Be stylish

Physics is important, of course  ! Privileges a style that resembles you in which you are comfortable without being neglected. Do not look like all the others thinking this is how it is to be. Leave the clichés of society in their place and impose your style as a mark of your identity, and believe me you will attract more than one!

 Image result for stylish women

13. Be sociable

Be sociable!! There are always good lessons to be learned well from each. Show that no one is frighteneing you, that society does not frighten you. In this way, the people around you will notice that you are at ease in all circumstances.

14. Be grown

Cultivate constantly: read, go to the cinema, attend exhibitions, go to the museum, the theater, read the newspaper, and also have interest in what you do not like; Because for you to be an attractive and interesting person, your opinion must be reliable and well founded. You can not say you do not appreciate something  without knowing why.

15. Successful!

Success attracts everyone: jealous, opportunistic, but also visionaries and enthusiasts … Like you! Of course, always remain humble and does not display your success as a trophy. As the famous saying “Do your projects in silence, success will take care of the noise” .


You will understand that attracting is not only to please, it is also to keep this interest and to make it an essential element for your personal development. It is obvious that you must be careful, because being attractive you will meet envious per hundred. But rest assured: If so many people envy you, it is that you have succeeded! You now have all the keys to become one. It is now up to you to become the best version of yourself.



7 goals that each Woman of Influence should impose on herself

The year 2017 is the tip of his nose and comes with his share of joy, sadness, success or even failures. It’s time to project yourself on what you want for this new year and determine your future goals. For some, the resolutions rhyme with abandonment because they do not exceed the first 3 months of the year. But as a Woman of Influence, you must be organized, rigorous and demanding of yourself so as not to let go. This article lists you 7 goals that you need to establish in your life right now.



giphy (2).gif

Whether it’s for your family and at work, never stop working, skill building, learning new things. Working harder does not mean killing yourself with the task, on the contrary. Educate yourself, develop your potential. It does not happen overnight, it is planned according to your goals and desires. Do not leave the time spent without having accomplished anything concrete, palpable in your day. Working hard is also the aim of the moon, these positions, goals you will never think to achieve by setting yourself affordable goals. So you will get there little by little. It is better to take the stairs to assimilate what every day can teach you.



Who does not like good food? Eating is always a pleasure. A Woman of Influence is a woman who is comfortable with her body and the image she exudes. It is important to be aware of its value and not to try to resemble the stereotypes reflected in newspapers.Appreciate who you are. Eat without feeling guilty. To deprive yourself of what you love can lead to a certain malaise. This does not mean that you have to eat excessively, but learn to eat healthier while keeping the notion of pleasure, your body will make you feel good.


giphy (3).gif

Dreams and projects remain over time but they can leave traces on the possibility of their realization. Do not lose the light that makes you believe in your dreams. Create new goals so you do not lose the vision you have, whether personally or professionally. You have the abilities to reach them, so use them. Failure is part of success, do not be buryed by it, but see it as a way to bounce back better. To believe in one’s dreams is never to give up.


giphy (4).gif

The accomplishment of a project is difficult or even impossible without a good organization. Unfortunately, being organized requires effort and concentration. So you will need to put in place tricks to maximize it and be more productive. Having a better organization will allow you not to be underwater and to be able to treat each situation and information in depth. Your time is valuable, it is important to know how to manage it to take advantage of it. You will be more efficient.


giphy (5).gif

You have a limited time on this earth, as well as your loved ones. Unfortunately, there will be no alarm to warn you of the date and time. So live every day as if it were the last. Enjoy yours, compliment them, tell them you love them. Many think about it but few really do, and giving this love will also bring you. And above all, do not forget, take time for yourself, whether for reflection, meditation or reading … Discover your oasis which will allow you to recharge yourself to be attacked in any situation .


giphy (1).gif

Do not allow regrets to interfere in your life. This will act as a gangrene and you will undermine your morale and thus disrupt your desire to move forward. Finally, you will learn to live in the past. A Woman of Influence looks to the future and uses her past to improve her future. So STOP the regrets!


giphy-downsized-large (1).gif

You will never be told enough, it is important to have a physical activity, even if only 30 minutes walk per day. But if you can do more, do it! You will feel more in tune with your body and you prepare your old age like those movie stars who are in their fifties and who make 30 of them. Anyway, take care of you, and this on different levels: physical, mental, Emotional and having physical activity indoors or outdoors can help.


As promised, here are 7 actions to keep in mind for this new year and especially to set up in your daily life. Hoping to have helped you in this way, I wish you a great holiday.

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9 tips for developing your influence

Being a leader seems easy but that is not the case. There are so many factors, attitudes to adopt, that a mere nothing is needed to bring about the opposite effect. Despite this, you want to have that strength that will position you as an unavoidable and influential woman.In this article you will find 9 tips that will help you develop this, while being aware that it is not in any way manipulation.



giphy (1).gif

Asking requires an effort for some people. But someone who asks is perceived more positively. It is not a matter of begging or passing for a person who is resourceless or judgmental, but knowing his or her limitations and acknowledging that others are more likely to complete an application. We do not necessarily talk about a service, it can be advice or information.


giphy (1).gif

Helping others does not mean making a service but you can help by listening and counseling. An influential woman knows that it is important to value others. Even if for you, listening is something simple, for someone in distress, doubt or filled with uncertainty, your action will not be without effect even if it is invisible.



To develop its power of influence, one must manage any abrupt reaction. Impulsivity will show a person who does not know how to handle his feelings and who can be invaded at any time. You will be perceived as excessive and unstable, which is not in the direction of influence and power that must emerge from you. Learn how to handle this type of reactions that can only stop you from achieving your goals.


giphy (7).gif

Panic, fear … are negative emotions that can paralyze you and prevent you from acting. In general, they result from a lack of self-confidence. Learning how to manage your nervousness is a long task but you can find techniques that are personal to you to master those moments that make you lose influence. Ultimately, this will help you to master yourself in the most complicated situations and to gain power.


giphy (2).gif

Love, money, encouragement, self-confidence are things that you may tend to expect from others. And this makes you dependent on their reactions, their moods, and alters your way of seeing yourself. You can not live like that. Learn to appreciate the fabulous woman that you are, so you will not have to build yourself in the eyes of others but only on the image you have of you.


giphy (2).gif

Knowledge is power and therefore a great way to position yourself as a powerful woman and not a potiche. Being interested in what surrounds you makes you a woman whose subjects of conversation are varied. You will then be interesting and your point of view will always be solicited.



Impatience is the inability to tolerate a certain type of emotions that affects you. The more you will be able to endure the worst circumstances while having self-control, the more influence you will gain. Patience can help you manage situations where your feelings can make you irrational. It is cultivated and unfortunately it is not born with everything. However, taking time to analyze what a situation can have as impact on you, can make you gain influence because patience is associated with self-control.


giphy (5).gif

Courage is not the absence of fear, but it is the ability to keep moving forward by ignoring these fears that can paralyze you or prevent you from acting. An influential woman knows how to surpass herself to achieve her goals whether in her own interest or in the interests of others.


giphy (3).gif

This advice may seem strange, but being vulnerable or unveiling your emotions will increase your sympathy and your influence. People perceive you as a person with a heart if you admit your weaknesses and defects. Do not try to be strong, this can mislead others who may see you as a cold and haughty person. Open to others, share your story, not everyone, but let them discover who you are.


The influence you can have over others will not happen overnight. In addition, this will be the result of efforts to be sustained over time. Note that we are talking about influence and not about manipulation. The goal is to enable you to achieve your goals while having the respect of others.

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