5 things no one knows about MerlineBeauty

To know MerlineBeauty:

  • Yes I speak 5 languages: French, English, Lingala because from Congo (DRC), Yoruba (guess soon why) and Spanish
  • Singing of course it is an inheritance and gift from God, I love singing a lot so stay tune to hear my voice hehee
  • I have big family indeed, I am number 5.
  • Travelling, I love travelling and my dream is to go USA, South Africa and Jamaica
  • Dolphin is my favourite animal, do not ask me why its best creature ever to be close to human being I think. I would like to swim with them, I would be so privilege.

It is good to dream and never stop dreaming because I know half of my dream has happened so dont take life for granted.



Blogging made easy review

Wow this is a revelation book for me and it is definitely the best book that break down how to do blogging. Thanks to Rumena especially who explain her journey on blogging. It explains everything you are looking for to be a successful blogger.

It explains everything from social media such as instagram, Facebook, YouTube and many more. You can purchase it on Amazon in a cheap price or I can email you the paper version if you are interested to know more. It gives you all the tips you need for your blog and the common mistakes that we do without knowing. Trust me I never seen a simple book that break down easily for everyone. I’m definitely overwhelm about this book. It has enlightened new area for be to be successful  

Countdown to 2017☄🎉🎊

Who is looking forward to 2017?

Have you achieved what you suppose to do for 2016?

What are your expectations for 2017?
As we are approaching the new year, we always want to do good actions. The question is why have you not achieve what you support to do. We have many reasons of not achieving what we suppose to do. However go to 2017 in joy, confidence and ready to overcome every challenges you gonna go through. Nothing is easy in life just take a deep breath and go forward. Do not look backward. Every decision you make in life is to shape you.

What I usually do is a list of what I want to do very year and pray to God to be his will. Trust me it always works for me if you will focus on those achievement.

Go to 2017 like a champion 💪and see yourself glorious. You are more than what you are.

Younique Splurge cream shadow review

Is it worth the money on cream eyeshadow from Younique? 

Do you know Younique? Check my previous post “From Younique to beauty Blogger “. However this is the review on my favorite cream eyshadow . 

I don’t buy a lot of premium make up brands, so my first instinct was “HOW MUCH?!”. So in today’s post I will be investigating, is it actually worth the money? 

L to R:Dainty, Tenacious,Happy and Hopeful.

The product

  • Very creamy shadow that last forever on your eyes. 
  • Various colours are available from shimmer to matte.
  •  Vibrant colours to wear for any occasions. 
  • Cruelty free
  • Can be used as well as a glitter on your lips
  • No paraban
  • Organic product
  • Create various look from eyeshadow to eyeliner


There is an available cream shadow brush to use it together bit not compulsory to buy. You can use your eyeshadow brush with it. You just need a tiny amount of the cream to create a smooth look. I start on the outside of my eye just above my eyelashes, then blend up towards the socket line, before blending in towards the inner corners. This means the colour and shimmer is more intense at the outer corners of my eye and gives a subtle smoky eye effect.

Wearing Victorious splurge cream shadow 

Use my cream shadow Whimsical as a blue eyeliner 


How often you wear it depends on how you feel about sparkly eyes during the day. I’ve been wearing it all the time, because I feel pretty good about sparkly eyes during the day, as it happens.

It feels light on your eyelids, and most importantly doesn’t do that annoying thing where at the end of the day you close your eyes and find all your eyeshadow in 2 big creases across the middle of your eyelids. So their crease proof claim has stood up to my investigations.

Use Happy cream shadow in grey mixed with black eyeshadow. 

Is it worth for the money?

You can only get it through Younique presenter. Do not buy it on Ebay or Amazon❎🚫. After much deliberation I have come to the answer “Probably”. Not really conclusive, but hear me out!

I’d kind of given up on eye shadow, apart from for the odd evening out, because of the aforementioned creasing issues which I found intensely irritating. This eye shadow does not crease, lasts a long time and you only use the tiniest amount, so the pot will last ages. So, yes, buying a premium product gives you premium performance, it’s worth every penny and I have my eye (boom boom!) on some other shades, specifically Dreamy (a cream/white) and Assertive (deep green).

However, there’s this little bit at the back of my head that still can’t get around spending £23 on eye shadow. In my head there’s a hierarchy of make up that I will spend large amounts of money on, it goes something like:

Foundation – Concealer – Lipstick – Eyebrows – Eyeliner – Mascara – Powder/Blusher – Eye shadow

For some reason I’ve always let eye shadow languish down at the bottom as a non-essential make up product, possibly because of my insistence on only buying the cheap stuff that then creases and flakes off.

So here I am, trapped in a vicious circle, where I don’t wear eyeshadow because I only buy cheap eye shadow and it’s rubbish. Much like the reason I didn’t wear red lipstick often when I was buying £3 red lipsticks, and when I started buying premium brands I realised I could wear it every day.

Now I’ve tasted the good life of a premium eye shadow I’ve actually started to wear it more often, and if I had more shades I’d wear it even more. So yeah, if you want to wear eye shadow, it’s worth splashing out on a premium brand product like Younique. If you don’t want to set foot on the slippery slope that will lead to you spending all your money on expensive eye shadow, then I advise sticking with the affordable  stuff.

Wearing Élégant cream shadow

Love expression 

How do you express your love to someone?

I am sure many of us express it in many ways which mostly will say physical but it’s more than physical. You can love someone by the way you act around the person.

Have you heard about 5 languages of love?

Well let me tell you briefly what it is consisted of:

  1. Word of affirmation
  2. Quality time
  3. Act of service
  4. Receiving gifts
  5. Physical touch

Like I said love is not only saying “I love you”. I love expressing my love in action not only in words I believe most women will agree on that. “Talk is cheap”😂😂😂. “Action speaks louder than words”😂😂😂. Few proverbs we all say it but do we know the meaning.

  1. Word of affirmation : encourage, emphasise,listen actively. You can express it as well through a poem, love letter or many more.
  2. Quality of time: one-to-one conversation, special moments together like walk in the park or travelling somewhere you never been together 
  3. Act of service: it is similar to quality of time but it requires you extra miles like doing chores together. Where is your strength maybe your partner may not have so you can help him/her. This is called team work. It is very important to empower each other. No need to be pride of yourself because it is not about you. When it comes to love forget your selfess. If you cannot do not enter in a relationship.The little knowledge you know you can share to your partner is also learning. The most important is both of you grow each other in love. No need to compete yourself with someone else relationship. Be selfless and get involved in your partner’s hobby.
  4. Receiving gifts: Express gratitude to your partner. How do you express your love. For me I don’t need a big Ferrari to show me love. The little you do I will appreciate and this is “receiving gifts”.You don’t need to be extravagant but thoughtful and grateful for your partner. It is not on Valentine’s day that show love but it has to be constant. Just be yourself and your partner will love what you do. The most important is to focus on each other interest not only you alone.
  5. Physical touch: the famous topic😂 lol. I’m not talking about “Fifty Shades of grey” but real physic like hug, kiss, hold hands. It is non-verbal mainly body language.Make intimacy a priority to your partner. We sometimes neglect that especially when 2 partners work but it is important to create this intimacy which lead to cheating. It is important to not private your partner of sex. We women do that sometimes but I think it’s not good because you lead your man to see somewhere else. Make sure as a wife or girlfriend to make your home a peaceful environment for your man. Another post will be on the role of the wife at home.

Why is it important to know the 5 languages of love. It will enable you to know your personality and as well about your partner because we are humans and created differently. The most important is to live in harmony both of you and as well focus on each other interest for a better love. 

This was a review of 5 languages of love by Gary Chapman which I recommend it to everyone. Even you are married it is always good to work on each other interest especially in expressing your love.

Rimmel Primer Lasting Finish primer

Another favourite makeup. I am not a fussy person when it comes to makeup as long as it is a good quality, I am satisfied.

I learnt about primer when I did my makeup course which I found it cool but do you really need to spend a lot in makeup. I love quality and I love to do my own thing when it comes to makeup. You have to be original yourself when it comes to makeup honestly.

I remembered when I walked in Superdrug shop to look for a primer. I just looked at Rimmel section and looked their primer which the colour was attracting and love “Rimmel Fix and Protect”


My review on Fix and Protect was good but was not lasting. It was like wearing sun protection so I will not recommend it.

However my review on “Lasting Finish Primer” was marvelous. This primer makes my makeup last longer and look smoother. I’ve tried numerous primers and I always come back to this one! It’s much less expensive than other brands. This is my Pros and Cons.

Pros:                                                                                             Cons:

  • Blends Well                                                                       -None
  • Easy To Apply
  • Lightweight
  • Noncomedogenic
  • Smooth
  • Moisturise
  • Long lasting
  • Natural look
  • Natural glow

I think it is applicable for combination,dry and sensitive skin for my opinion.

 Wearing my Rimmel primer 


Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara review

My favourite mascara ever is Maybelline Lash Sensational. I have tried many mascara and to be is the best so far. I have natural long lashes and I am not a fan of false eyelashes.

One day I tried false lashes and i had an infection so since I prefer to be natural on my makeup especially my lashes.

I like the applicator brush for lashes that tend to stick together and are of different lengths. This mascara is awesome! I now understand what all the fuss is about. It made my lashes look naturally longer and not fake. I am thrilled that it also lasted all day even through a workout class.


Pros:                                                                                                Cons:

  • Applies Evenly                                                                 -Difficult to remove
  • Defines & Separates
  • Doesn’t bother contacts
  • Doesn’t Clump
  • Great Brush
  • Lasts ALL day
  • Lengthens
  • No rub off